5 tips to prevent bruising after BOTOX®

Suppose you are thinking of doing the BOTOX. Then here are the five tips to prevent bruising after BOTOX®. This article will help you a lot in getting better treatment results and effects. Moreover, you will never get bruises, as many people complain of getting bruises after BOTOX.

Read them carefully if you want the perfect BOTOX results. You will learn a lot from the blog, and it will help you.

1. Avoid Unusual Medications

There are many medications that slow down the platelets, the blood cells, and as a result, the bleeding or bruising issues may occur. Suppose your platelets are unable to repair the damaged parts. Ten bruising may occur.

Suppose you want to reduce this risk. Then you must stop taking medicines like aspirin, NSAIDS, or any other supplement that thins your blood. And you have to do this at least two weeks before the treatment.

If we talk about supplements, then you must avoid taking supplements like Vitamin E. Or those supplements that contain garlic, chia seeds, turmeric, flax seeds, and Gingko Biloba, etc.

It will also help a lot if you talk to your doctor before stopping the medications.

2. Eliminate alcohol

You must try to eliminate alcohol before the treatment and after the treatment. This is because it relaxes and opens the vessels and it acts as a vasodilator. So, even a small amount of alcohol can trigger your body cell after BOTOX, and you can get bruises.

3. Arnica Montana

You must try Arnica montana if you are going for the BOTOX treatment. It is basically a flowering plant, and it grows out in the sunny locations at high elevations. Many people use it for various treatments, and it is also specially used for the treatment of the bruises.

You can take pills of Arnica if you want to treat your bruises. You must also consult your doctor and ask for the advice. Many doctors will advise you to intake the supplements or tablets of Arnica. It is easily available at stores and pharmacies.

4. Apply ice

Do you know that ice and cold packs can help you a lot? They constrict the vessels and slow down the flow of blood at the injection site. So, the risk of bruising is eliminated. Moreover, if you use ice packs before treatment, it numbs the area, and you will not feel discomfort.

Many medical assistants give you ice packs before the BOTOX treatment. And they also suggest you to apply ice when you reach your home. As a result, there will be fewer or no chances of getting bruises.

5. Avoid Doing Hard Exercise

Exercise is best for keeping you healthy and active. But the hard exercise will increase your heart rate and blood flow. And as a result, you will get bruises.

Even your doctor will also suggest you to avoid doing exercises if you want to keep your face exactly the way you want. Moreover, hard exercise can get your skin go red and also damaged.

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