Importance Of Diet And Exercise For Aging Women

There is a popular saying that we are what we eat. On that note, eating healthy and exercising regularly is extremely important for people, irrespective of age. It ensures a healthier lifestyle and a more positive outlook towards life.

But eating healthy and exercising becomes more essential with increasing age. With age, there come many complications which could be minimized with exercise and a balanced diet.

Eating healthy or following a strict diet and exercising does not imply that you have to be miserable. Instead, it should be more about having fun while dieting and working out because it would make you feel whole and give you an optimistic approach towards life.


As a woman grows old, certain nutrients are required to be in their diet. Thus, a few specialized older women diets are recommended that contain these nutrients.

Calcium based diet

As women grow older, their natural capacity to absorb calcium from their normal diet lessens. This creates a calcium deficit in their bodies which causes bones to become weaker, making them brittle and prone to injury.

The thinning of bones is called osteoporosis which has a higher chance of taking a negative effect in women than in men. Thus, women need to make sure that more calcium finds its way into their diet.

Protein-based diet

Aging women suffer from a condition known as sarcopenia which results in the loss of muscle mass. This is even enhanced by the reduction of movement and exercise that comes with age.

Thus, women are advised to incorporate proteins like eggs and meat in their diet to retain muscle mass.

Vitamin based diet

The bodies of women lose the capability to retain nutrients from food as their age increases. One such important nutrient is Vitamin B-12 which is found in fish, milk, cereals, etc. Thus, these food items must be included in the diet to fulfill the deficit.


As women grow older, their movement from place to place reduces to a great extent. Their muscles become stiff and they lose their physical fitness. Staying in one place also causes fat deposition in their body. This leads to a condition known as obesity that most older women suffer from.

It has also been statistically proven that older women have a higher chance of suffering from physical disabilities than older men. For all these reasons, women need to keep their weight in check. Exercising also prevents chronic diseases and keeps the mind and body fresh.

It is important to note that exercising to lose weight should not be confused with less intake of calories because it would mean that the body is not getting enough nutrients. Thus, older women must exercise, and eat a healthy diet, simultaneously. This ensures the longevity of life, prevents diseases such as diabetes or irregular blood pressure, and sharpens your mind.

Exercising not only endows your body with flexibility but also has a huge impact on the mind. It makes you capable of performing tasks that, otherwise, would have been hindered by age. It also fights off depression and other negative thoughts, resulting in a healthy body and mind.

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