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Everything about COVID-19 Insurance in India

With three months into the battle against the novel coronavirus, India has over half-million infections and over 16000 deaths. With the virus spreading across most countries and cities around the globe, economies have come to a grinding halt. As the world struggles to get a grip over this situation, the …

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Role of yoga in your physical and mental health during the pandemic

Lockdown has changed the way of work for us. Millions of people commuting to workplaces have started working from home. With almost no physical exercise and mental stress, people are facing health-related issues such as back pain, headache, and anxiety problems. This is the time you can start practicing yoga. …

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Protect Yourself From Hepatitis This World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day is celebrated on 28th July every year. This is one of seven officially mandated global public health days of the World Health Organisation. On this day, WHO brings people closer under a single theme to raise awareness of hepatitis. ‘Find the Missing Millions’ is the theme of …

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Details on Comprehensive Dental Exams

Every dental test is important for a person as it helps in early diagnosis of any oral health issue. Dentists and dental surgeons can start early treatment, and thus you save your money and time. Moreover, early deduction helps in treating the problem immediately. Many people don’t recognize the need …

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