Which is the easiest way to open a new bank account in India?

Anyone looking to open a bank account in India today has various ways at their disposal to do the same. We help you with the fastest way to open a bank account in India in this article. Read this article to know all about instant savings accounts and the features that make them the preferred choice for customers.

What are instant savings accounts?

Online internet banking is all about the speed and the security of transactions. For anyone opening a new bank account online, the bank in question must ensure the security of transactions and must provide instant account access to its customers. Banks and financial institutions offer instant savings accounts to help customers open a bank account instantly without having to physically visit a bank branch. However, instant savings accounts offer a lot more than highly secure and fast transactions.

Take a look at the features of IDFC FIRST Bank’s instantsavings account to have an idea of what more is on offer:

  • We offer a competitive interest rate to our customers.
  • Transactions like.
  • Online payments and transactions are made easier by this account.
  • IDFC FIRST offers multiple rewards and cashback offers for transactions you make using your savings account.
  • Our savings account comes with additional features like an accidental insurance cover and lost card liability cover.

What are the benefits of opening an instant savings account?

The easiest way to open a new bank account in India is by opting for an instant savings or Insta Save account. Let us look at the benefits of IDFC FIRST Bank’s Insta Save accounts to understand their advantages in detail.

  1. Instant account activation

We all know that a regular savings account cannot be opened in a jiffy. If you wish to visit a bank branch to open an account, you could have to wait for a couple of days as well. IDFC FIRST Bank’s Insta Save account offers you the ability to open a savings account in a matter of minutes! This means – no fretting over having to wait to open a savings account.

  1. Quick personal loans

The nature of most personal loans tends to be urgent. We understand this need and offer instant personal loans through our Insta Save accounts. You can apply for a personal loan through IDFC FIRST’s mobile banking app instantly. We are also focused on instant loan disbursals to ensure that we meet your personal loan requirements on time.

  1. Simplified money transfer

With Unified Payments Interface (UPI), instant money transfer is a matter of habit to most Indians. We are here to make your banking experience a lot simpler with our instant savings account. You can benefit from free, unlimited ATM transactions anywhere in India by opening an Insta Save account with a VISA Platinum card. Download our mobile banking app to avoid the hassle altogether and download bank statements directly.

  1. Easy access to your funds

Our Insta Save accounts offer increased accessibility to our customers. You can track the transactions made through your savings account instantly with an Insta Save account. IDFC FIRST Bank prioritizes its customers’ all-time access to their savings accounts.

  1. Quick bill payments

You do not need to worry about bill payments anymore if you have an IDFC FIRST Insta Save account. With this account, you can get features that help with lightning-fast bill payments. IDFC FIRST Bank’s Insta Save account comes enabled with UPI. You can also carry out RTGS, IMPS, and NEFT transactions using our Insta Save account.

  1. The ability to save more

IDFC FIRST Bank is committed to helping you save more through its Insta Save accounts. With features such as Track Your Expenses and One-Swipe Pay, we help you save more than any other bank account!

We hope we could help you find out the easiest way to open a savings account in India. To open an Insta Save account with IDFC FIRST Bank, click here.

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