Role of yoga in your physical and mental health during the pandemic

Lockdown has changed the way of work for us. Millions of people commuting to workplaces have started working from home. With almost no physical exercise and mental stress, people are facing health-related issues such as back pain, headache, and anxiety problems. This is the time you can start practicing yoga. Studies have shown, performing yoga has innumerable benefits and cures various ailments.

Let us discuss the types of yoga and their benefits for physical and mental well-being during a pandemic.

  • Cat Camel asana

This is the popular type of yoga for lower back pain. To perform this asana place your hands below your shoulders and your knees below hips. Distribute your body weight at four points that you have taken the support of. While performing cat asana raise your face in an upward direction and create an elliptic pose.

For Camel asana, create a hump on your back and again move in semi-elliptical positions. Both exercises stretch, relax the spine and alleviate the pain. They reduce the stiffness in the shoulders and neck as well.

  • Saral bhujangasana or The Sphinx

This is another popular yoga for back pain relief.

Lie straight with your face and chin touching the ground. Place your feet together and stretch your toes in the downward direction. Juxtapose your hands from head position to the side near your shoulders. Slowly raise the hands with your chin up till the palms lie perpendicular to the shoulder and head. This stretches the spine and semi bow shape is formed. Inhale during the raising position and exhale during the drop-down position. Reiterate the asana 5 to 10 times.

  • Downward facing dog asana

This asana helps in relieving your lower back pain and disc rupture also called sciatica. It also enhances your energy levels.

To perform this asana, lie down with face and chin touching ground. Press your hands to the ground and bring the face and chin backward towards the feet almost touching the ground. Get back to the original position with face raised slightly upwards but still facing the ground. Repeat this asana for 5 to 10 times.

  • Cobra asana

To perform this asana, lie down with chin touching the ground. Hands should be placed beneath shoulders. Pull your arms towards the chest and don’t let them go out of body frame. Press your hands to the ground and lift your chest, body, and shoulders forward.

Allow your head to drop back to give a bow shape to your body from toe to head. Bring the head back to an original position near the floor. This asana strengthens the muscles and provides relief to all the lower back problems.

All the above yoga exercises for back pain bring excellent results. However, due to lockdown exigencies, you should always be prepared to confront the lower back pain problem with Moov ointment. It provides immediate relief by soothing the nerves and muscles.

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