Some Common Sexually Transmitted Infections You Must Be Aware Of

You can contract many sexually transmitted diseases and infections when you regularly have unprotected sex. You will want to ensure that you always use protection when having sex with a new partner, and this is not only to stop unwanted pregnancy but also to prevent you from contracting an STD. There are various types of STDs you can catch when having unprotected sex; some can be easily treated, while others are difficult to get rid of the infection. Below are some of the most common sexually transmitted infections you can contract and their available treatments.


Herpes is a highly contagious STI that you need to be aware of, and this condition is not one that you can cure. There are two strains of Herpes which are HSV-1 and HSV-2, and although there is no known cure for either of these strains, there is a medication that can help control the condition. You can also take anti-viral medication that can speed up the healing process and help reduce the chances of transmission. Some symptoms that may indicate you have contracted Herpes include:

  • Pain in the vagina or penis
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Pain urinating
  • Painful blisters


Another highly common STI that many people contract and often do not know they have is Chlamydia, which is a bacterial infection. However, unlike Herpes, you can treat Chlamydia effectively, and in most cases, the Chlamydia antibiotics will clear the infection within a couple of weeks. You can contract Chlamydia without having full sex and coming into contact with the genitals of someone infected is enough to transmit the infection. Some symptoms that can indicate you have contracted Chlamydia include:

  • Discharge from the anus
  • Painful when urinating
  • Bleeding after sex and between periods
  • Pain in the lower stomach
  • Discharge from the penis or vagina


Gonorrhoea is another bacterial infection, and this was a highly prevalent STI in the 19th century that was problematic. Some common symptoms of this STI are a thick and yellow discharge from the penis or vagina, pain while urinating, and bleeding between periods for women. You can treat gonorrhoea and clear the condition using antibiotics, but there are strains of this STI resistant to medication. If you catch this infection and treat it successfully, learn your lesson, as you may not be so lucky if you contract it a second time.


Syphilis is another common STI that is not as prevalent today as it once was, but it is still about and can be lethal if not treated. Contracting this bacterial infection often creates a sore on the penis, vagina, anus, or mouth, and sometimes these are painful but not always. Some people do not notice the sores, and they disappear, but that does not mean the infection has gone away. You can treat the condition effectively by using antibiotics, but the condition can be lethal if left untreated. There are various stages to this condition, and you can learn more about it and how it is treated by clicking here, which will ensure you do not want to catch this, and you will hopefully use protection when having sex.

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