Why You Should Choose Laser Hair Removal

Hair growth in undesired parts of the body can leave you feeling uncomfortable but fortunately, you can opt to shave this hair and regain your confidence. If you want a more permanent way to get rid of hair there are hair removal techniques that work easily and get rid of the hair completely.  You can look for New York laser hair removal experts near you who will help you through the process. Laser hair removal eliminates hair growth by heating the follicles which stops new hair from growing. The follicles then remain in a dormant state for an extended period before new hair regrows to replace the previous hair. Although some people sometimes refer to it as a permanent way of removing the hair, it only reduces the amount of hair and makes the new hair growth softer, finer, and lighter.

How It Works

Laser therapy employs the use of high-heat laser beams which are a mild form of radiation that heats up the hair follicles, damaging them for an extended period. The follicles which are located beneath the skin are responsible for hair growth and when they remain dormant it prevents further growth of hair. Compared to shaving, tweezing, and waxing which removes the hair from the surface only, laser therapy is more effective.

Areas Appropriate For Laser Hair Removal

Laser therapy is best for the chest, back, shoulders, neck, bikini line, and face except for the eyes. However, it is not best suitable for lighter hair as the beam targets melanin and the lighter hair has less melanin. At first, all the hair might not fall off but it will thin and will fall during the subsequent treatment.

Why You Should Get Laser Hair Therapy

  • It is the least time-consuming and your therapist will finish the hair removal in less than fifteen minutes. You will not need a shower after laser therapy as you would do after shaving.
  • Although most people would say there is no gain without pain in getting most of the beauty procedures, certainly this does not apply to laser hair removal. You might feel a bit uncomfortable as the procedure does not leave red bumps and ingrown hairs.
  • It is least costly as it makes the follicles dominant for a longer time, and you might not need to repeat the process before the hair regrows. With other methods such as shaving, you might want to shave every week depending on your rate of hair growth.
  • It is a less sensitive way of removing hair compared to plucking and shaving. Razor bumps could leave your skin feeling irritated and it could be worse for people with sensitive skin. It could help to switch to laser hair removal.

The Bottom Line

Hair growth in undesired parts could leave you feeling uncomfortable and laser therapy might be an easy way to remove the undesired hair permanently. Laser therapy saves both time and money and it helps get rid of ingrown hair and does not leave your skin with razor bumps. It could help to get the procedure as it requires no down time and leaves you going about with your daily activities soon after the therapy.

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