Why You Need to Care for Your Feet Properly and How

People with diabetes are prone to foot complications, and in case of poor foot health, the condition can become severe. According to the expert podiatrists at Battle Born Bone and Joint Center, who offer diabetic foot care in Las Vegas, you should receive comprehensive care to stay healthy. But why, you might ask. If diabetic foot conditions could be left untreated, the resultant condition can be limb-threatening.

Why You Need Proper Foot Care for Diabetics

Proper foot care plays a vital role in managing diabetics, making it a necessity in your life. Failure to take good care of your feet can cause diabetics to develop a hard, yellow bump with a red ring, and other skin conditions including digital sclerosis and diabetic dermopathy. You may also suffer from calluses, which, if not treated properly, can cause ulcers on your feet. Over the counter medications are not always effective to manage calluses, but with proper foot care, you can improve the condition’s management.

Once you understand the problems associated with diabetes foot, you will want to learn more about how to care for your diabetics. Here are some diabetic foot complications you should pay attention to.

Nerve Damage

Diabetic feet can be associated with nerve damage where you can lose the ability to feel your feet. Your sense of feeling hot or cold can be affected significantly if you experience diabetic foot.

Some of the symptoms you can also experience with diabetic foot include burning sensations, stinging pain, and tingling. However, you may not feel any pain sometimes.

The Skin

If you have diabetic foot, your feet’s skin can be adversely affected. The skin can become dry and start peeling off or cracking. However, this condition can be reversed if you receive proper treatment that makes it soft once again. This needs a lot of caution, as too soft skin can cause infections. Therefore, the moisture in the skin should be effectively balanced.

Blood Flow

Any form of diabetes can threaten your blood vessels’ health as it can cause the development of fatty deposits in the vessel. As a result, the blood vessels narrow down, affecting the blood flow in the circulatory system. Poor circulation of blood can cause serious complications due to your body, not fighting infections and healing wounds.

Changes in the Feet

If you have a diabetic foot, you can experience some changes in your foot size and shape. This can cause you to require new shoes to avoid further complications, which can be long-term.

For all these reasons, you require proper foot care to aid in maintaining healthy feet. You need to monitor and control your blood sugars through a medical expert’s help, improve your diet to get essential minerals, and get enough rest to help manage these complications.

How to Care for Your Feet

It is easy to care for your feet in a way that keeps them at optimal health at all times. From simple tasks such as thorough washing of the feet daily and trimming nails, you can maintain your foot health. You can also care for any corns and calluses, protecting your feet against excessive cold or heat. Besides, always try to elevate your feet while seated and wear shoes that fit you properly.

You now know why taking care of your feet is important to your health and how you can do that effectively. However, it is always good to consult an expert on any matter, and on taking care of your diabetic feet, you can contact Battle Born Bone & Joint.

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