When to Indulge, Skimp or Skip Spa Treatment?

Make sure to avoid over pricey facial treatments or a technician who may not be able to determine the needs of your sensitive skin and overdo it. Obviously, it is difficult to interpret what price needs to be paid for several kinds of spa treatments. Mentioned below are few tips that will help you figure out, when it makes sense to indulge at some good spa facility, skimp at low-priced location or totally avoid the spa treatment.


Ask yourself the reasons to have a facial.

  • Does skin feel rough? Try an exfoliant.
  • Zits or blotches? Dermatologist may check for rosacea.
  • Blackheads or pimples? Dermatologist will extract it and advice on possible ways to avert this situation.
  • Wrinkles? Skin cream will plump the skin temporarily or dermatologist will prescribe aggressive drugs and use powerful microdermabrasion machines [effective in due course].

Answer? Skip

It is better to spend money on medical services and products, which can really take care of your specific condition. However, if you want a specific ‘GLOW’ then try simple yogurt mask with a follow up of your preferred moisturizer.

Nail care

You will just be paying for getting pampered. You can maintain nail cleanliness and neatness at home. Use foot cream and pumice stone to remove calluses.

Solution? Skip or Skimp

If your nail routine is irregular then you can skimp by visiting an affordable local salon. No need to spend huge on manicure and pedicure, when it is not necessary.


Improper waxing can remove skin or cause a bruise or not sufficient hair will be removed.

Judgement? Indulge

Beginners will probably wish to visit a spa for professional help. You can even skimp on it by visiting a low-end salon but the risk of nasty infection is extremely high. Visit https://www.stromspa.com and book an appointment to splurge in the best waxing or body treatment program.


Massage is pampering and taking care of yourself. It helps to relax and is the best anxiety reliever. Besides it helps to reduce muscle & joint pains, headaches, insomnia, and even boosts your immunity level. Visit a certified massage therapist to enjoy a great spa experience.

Answer? Indulge

You will pay for not just a good treatment but a great one. It will make you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Body polish

Body polish in the spa means hitting body in places your hands cannot reach. However, you can reach those spots with long-handled brush.

Decision? Skip

Using DIY body scrub will help you obtain the polish just like a salon.

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