Male breasts or ‘man boobs’ is a phenomenon that is experienced by at least 40 per cent of the men. It tends to make some people conscious. Rigorous exercise and healthy eating though might help but aren’t able to completely do away with the man boobs. Male Breast Reduction Toronto does exactly that. It helps you to reduce those man boobs and create a flatter, firmer and chiselled chest. It is a procedure which is suitable for all irrespective of whether you are normal weight or overweight.

What is the reason behind male breasts?

Male breasts are also known as gynecomastia is a condition which is caused by hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance results in the creation of a benign mammary glandular tissue, which starts to store fat in this breast area.

Your Consultation

Once you’ve decided to undergo the procedure, the very first step is to book your appointment. During your appointment with Dr Romy and Dr Golger, they will examine your chest to determine whether you are suffering from gynecomastia and if your condition can be effectively treated. A review of your medical history will be taken, during which you will be asked questions about your medical history. They will help them to determine whether you are suited for the procedure or not.

What happens during the procedure?

Scar-less liposuction breast reduction is carried out if the breasts mostly comprise of fat. In fact, liposuction alone might be able to correct it. However, if there is excess glandular tissue or sagging skin exists, then excisions might be necessary. But there is no need to worry about scarring as they will be well hidden by the natural colour and texture of the areola. If both body fat and excess glandular tissues and skin exist then both the techniques might be combined. The surgeon will examine the cause which might be causing the current medical issue or medication that you are taking, then resolving that issue before undergoing the surgery is crucial. The areolae will be evaluated thoroughly to determine whether they need to be reduced or not. Puffiness and their diameter can be decreased to achieve a firmer and more proportionate appearance.

The procedure is carried out under anaesthesia. Depending upon the extent of correction the surgery may be performed under local anaesthesia. Even if you are opting for scarless surgery, there will still be tiny incisions in the natural creases of the chest or in the armpit to allow for a cannula to be inserted and liposuction to be performed. Each incision will only be a few millimetres long.

What happens after the procedure?

After having undergone the procedure you will notice some swelling and bruising but it will subside within a few weeks. You will notice that your chest has been firmer and more sculpted. You should be able to go back to work within a week. However, it will take you about six weeks to return to the gym.

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