What is the secret to a glowing skin?

Everyone wants glowing skin, but no one is willing to put in the work that culminates in that. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that glowing skin will come from endless hours of scrubbing and applying layers of foundation. It is the simple things that you ignore in your daily life activities that will make the difference. For instance, drinking water is something that you do daily to quench your thirst. If you start observing regular patterns of drinking plenty of it, your skin will start glowing and ooze that freshness every time you walk into a room.

Having good skin health is beneficial in many ways. Besides reducing the risks of developing cancer, it brings about confidence and higher self-esteem. Well, you cannot underestimate the power that boosted confidence and self-esteem can have in your career or relationships.

So, besides using functional skincare goodies like Missha B.B cream, what are the other secrets to glowing skin? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Vitamin C intake

Vitamin C should be your best diet companion if you want to achieve that glow. That’s why you see many Skincare products leveraging its properties to give consumers traceable results. Vitamin C is prevalent in oranges, strawberries, blackberries, and lemons.

  • Short showers

Taking regular showers is a sure way of ensuring that your skin is always moisturized. However, that will only be true if you do it the right way. Avoid too long showers with hot water as it leaves your skin dry. Inasmuch as you can depend on artificial oils to moisturize the skin after a bath, natural skin oil is still important.

  • Put on sunscreen

How often do you go to the beach? Does your work entail more fieldwork trips? Either way, you should consider putting on sunscreen every time you step in the sun. A high-quality sunscreen will protect you from sunburns and keep your skin free from blemishes.

  • Keep your hands off your face

Skin rashes and pimples mainly emanate from clogged pores and piled up dirt on the skin. After shower and application of your facial cream, you should keep your hands off the face as much as possible. Your hands come across many types of micro dirt, from handling your mobile phone to shaking hands with unknown people. Moreover, we often clean hands only when necessary, not when you want to touch your face.

  • Green tea

Lastly, you might also want to try the magic of green tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols that detoxify your skin, leaving it glowing and free of radicals. Most importantly, it is quite forthcoming in dealing with premature aging, acne, and skin blemishes. You can either brew and drink or apply it directly to your skin and rinse after 15 minutes. For better results, we recommend daily intake or application.

If you practice the above tips regularly, you’ll finally achieve that radiant and glowing skin you’ve been yearning for. Just make sure that all your skincare products are safe for your skin type and recommended by a certified dermatologist. Please, don’t try everything you see on the internet before doing in-depth research about them.

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