What Can You Expect from a General Surgeon?

As a patient, you should know that a general surgeon is a medical specialist who performs operations on various body parts. They are trained in both surgery and medicine. General surgeons may perform anything from brain surgeries to hip replacements. So if you have an operation coming up, you need to understand what your surgeon’s experience entails. In Atlanta, you can easily find such professionals when you do some homework. Finding a specialist board certified in general surgery in Atlanta, GA, is something very significant. These experts will first do comprehensive evaluations of the problem undertaking the procedure. Here are some of the treatments you can get.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

This procedure makes the stomach smaller and only allows a small amount of food to pass through. It is done by inserting a flexible tube into an incision in your abdomen. The surgeon will then place internal staples which gently divide the stomach from the top portion downwards, restricting food intake.

Instruments can also be placed around the outside section yielding further restrictions on eating and weight loss. In most cases, this surgery has been very effective with results.

Revision of a Gastric Band Bariatric Procedure

Another surgery that a general surgeon in Atlanta, GA, can perform is revising a gastric band bariatric procedure. When the band inside has slipped to another part of the stomach or if there’s leaking. If you are not happy about how your surgical results turned out, you should find an experienced surgeon who can change you. 

Generally, gastric band surgeries are not reversible, but a revision can solve any errors in a previous procedure. So you must seek guidance from a competent surgeon for operations. This is the only way to guarantee satisfactory results after having any treatment done on your body.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

This is a bariatric surgery where the stomach is reduced to a fraction of its original size. After this procedure, food intake becomes limited while at the same time enabling you to lose weight by keeping your body nourished.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a weight-loss procedure. It involves placing a thin band in the stomach and cutting off the top portion of it. This has been one of the most successful surgeries to date and can reduce weight by up to 60% in one year with hardly any complications.

There are still risks involved when you undergo this surgery, just like in any other routine surgery. But when done right, it has proven to be an effective form of weight loss that is easy to maintain. So if you have been planning on going through a weight loss surgery, make sure that you consult a surgeon for recommendations.

If you’re considering surgery, it’s essential to work with a general surgeon who is board-certified in their specialty. General surgeons are medical specialists who perform operations on various body parts and offer a wide range of solutions. If struggling with acid reflux and weight management issues, these are the professionals to target. They first assess your health condition before offering a treatment that brings contentment.

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