What are the Causes of a Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow, first of all, is also called lateral epicondylitis and it is a medical problem in the external part of the elbow. A person going through a tennis elbow goes through mild to moderate to severe pain in the elbow area. Before researching Houston tennis elbow, you might want to learn something about it.

There are a lot of other symptoms noticed in people going through this condition too, out of which the most common ones are mentioned below:

  • Mild to immense pain at the back of the forearm and elbow.
  • Inability to hold objects due to pain, leading to falling of the same.
  • Tenderness in the outer part of the muscles around the elbow.
  • Inability to make arm motions.

Now that you know about the top symptoms of a tennis elbow, you might want to learn about its causes as well, before you go ahead with the treatment of the same. When you know the causes, you can take care of yourself in a better manner.

Repetitive movement of the same portion in the arm: If you have been using the same arm repeatedly, you are bound to go through this condition. It usually occurs when the same part of the arm is being used over and over. 

Banging of the elbow leading to mild to severe pain: If you bang your elbow somewhere, or get it knocked, you go through the problem of tennis elbow for sure. This is the easiest medical scenario to understand. 

Strained forearm muscles: Thus, people with a tennis elbow are told to do regular stretching exercises or visit a good physiotherapist to relieve any kind of cluttered pain from the forearm muscles.

Bad arm posture for a long time: If you have been typing from the same arm for a long time, you can go through the tennis elbow problem at a young age as well. It’s not that only middle aged or old aged beings suffer from this condition.

Overuse of the arm leading to damage: If you have used the same arm for different purposes, you are bound to go through this condition. Constant cooking, holding a book, doing different things from the same arm can lead to damage of muscles and tissues.

If you have been experiencing symptoms of a tennis elbow, make sure to visit a good doctor soon so that you can get it diagnosed at an early stage and relieve the pain. 

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