What are Hip Flexors?

Probably you might not have heard of this name as they are the muscles that are paid the least attention. Movements of the body like lifting the knees towards the chest and bending forward are facilitated by hip flexors, a group of muscles. The thigh muscle, iliopsoas and the inner thigh muscles collectively constitute the hip flexor.

Importance of Strengthening your Hip Flexors

It is important to strengthen your hip muscles as they are the source of all movements that we perform. Only when you have strong and flexible hip muscles will you be able to stand, jump and run properly.  Active people such as the athletes need to concentrate on their hip muscles and make them strong and stabilized. When these muscles are strong and flexible, they provide better forward movement and power. With powerful hip muscles, athletes get a good start as well as agility to get going.

Avoid Muscle Imbalance

Weak hip flexors cause muscle imbalance. When you are working at your desk the entire day, there is little or no movement of the hips. This causes the hip muscles to tighten. Along with this, your head and shoulders take up a round forward posture. As you pay more attention to other body parts and muscles, the tight muscles remain as they are causing muscle imbalance. Therefore, to avoid this problem of the muscles, you must stretch and exercise your hip flexors as well.

Avoid Injuries

Weak hip flexor muscles are the leading cause of injuries, especially in athletes. With the hip muscles being weak, chances of wrong footing increase leading to injuries. While athletes pay more attention to the core muscles and other parts, they must stabilize their hip muscles to ensure better performance and correct placement of the foot while running.

Better Performance

There is no denying the fact that with increased hip flexor flexibility and strength, athletes will be able to perform better. When these muscles are strong, you can improve your motions to quite an extent and avoid injuries. Concentrating on increasing the strength and flexibility of your hip muscles should be your first priority if you are an athlete, especially a runner.


There are several exercises and stretches that can help you strengthen your hip flexors. Long hours of sitting can cause them to be weak and tight. The idea is to keep moving these muscles so that they are in motion.

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