Weight Loss Counseling at Nova Physician Wellness Center

Weight loss therapy is a therapy that focuses on the daily lifestyle change that promotes weight loss. The physical element of losing weight is significantly impacted by the diet a person takes and routine exercises. On the other side, therapy only tackles the mental side. At Nova Physician Wellness Center in Virginia, Dr. Rohit Suri offers Ashburn weight loss counseling. They also offer other proven-weight loss methods that give you the best results possible. According to Dr. Suri’s experience, some of the factors that lead to obesity include:

  •       Cravings
  •       Mindset
  •       Behavior towards food

Weight loss counseling helps you determine factors that impact your weight management. The factors identified are either emotional health or mental health. To lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, one ought to change his/her behavior and thoughts towards food. Behavioral therapy or weight loss counseling are incorporated into your weight loss program to give you the best results expected. Dr. Suri offers:

  •   individualized exercise plans
  •   medical and physical exams
  •   Nutritional training

One usually starts with an in-depth consultation with the doctor, where the general approach to food is discussed. Your current eating habits and nutritional knowledge are also discussed in depth. The discussion aids in helping the doctor discover which of your behaviors are harmful to your weight loss efforts, such as snacking on candy.

Trigger Foods

Trigger foods are the type of foods that trigger you to overeat. They trigger cravings, thus giving you an emotional connection to that particular food. Dr. Suri helps you to manage these foods by coming up with creative ways of managing them. One of the creative ways to manage this craving is decreasing the trigger food stock in your home and engaging in techniques that help you avoid trigger foods on social occasions by replacing them with healthier foods. A person’s mindset can be significantly strengthened by exposing yourself to tempting and unhealthy foods.

Benefits of weight loss counseling

  •   It helps you schedule your food and shopping in advance to arrange the best environment for weight loss. It may involve written weight loss goals that remind you why you want to lose weight hence, giving you a stronger mindset regarding your weight and health. Healthy snacks are highly recommended in your stock in order to manage your weight loss effectively.

Medically supervised weight loss

In a medically supervised weight loss procedure, one can count on lasting results achieved in a safe manner unlike with other weight loss methods such as exercising and watching your diet which offers short-term results.

NOVA Physician Wellness Center creates a customized weight loss for each person. Dr. Suri guides and supports you every step of the way hence, helping you lose weight and learn strategies for keeping it off.

Weight loss program and what to expect with weight loss program

The first step in creating a weight loss program is to sit for a complete medical exam, physical, and lab work to determine your existing health state and potential weight loss challenges. People are different when it comes to the speed of weight loss. What really determines how fast you lose weight is your starting weight, age, and how well you follow the diet guidelines.

You should expect to achieve your ideal body in a safe and effective process at NOVA Physician Wellness center.

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