Ways to Relieve Your Muscles from Soreness after Rigorous Exercises

Exercise is something that you would opt for, if you are health conscious and want to increase your fitness level. When you start with the regular exercise regime, you will definitely find your muscles to be sore and painful. You must not take off exercise from your routine just because of that. These are stiffness of muscles that will not last for a long time but will disappear as your fitness program continues.

This symptom is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and it can happen when you include new exercise to tone the muscles of your body or you change the routine of exercise. It can also happen when you increase the time or start with more rigorous exercises. This happens for there is microscopic damage to the muscles and the muscles become stiff and sore.

Take rest, massage or painkillers

When you are starting with the new routine of workouts or exercise, the muscles will start hurting and there are different things that you can do to get some relief. You may not get a sure fire way to treat the uncomfortable feel of the muscles but you can try a few things to check which one gives you better results. You can try to take rest or try some ice packs on the sore muscles. There are some mild pain killers that you can try after consulting your physician or you can get a good massage to introduce suppleness to the muscles. You can get some ideas from sites like https://nydnrehab.com/what-we-treat/back-pain-and-neck-pain/neck-pain-treatment/ before trying them out on yourself.

Stretching and some light activities

Stretching can give relief to the tired muscles. Stretch the muscles for about 10 minutes after the workouts and this can prevent the stiffness of the muscles. When you start with the exercise, you should do some warm up exercises free hand and then start with the more complex exercises. You can swing your arms or do some spot running or marching to get the muscles ready for the exercises.

You can also start brisk walking that can take up more speed after sometime. You can also start some light exercises that you can enjoy – like swimming or dancing with soft music. The DOM sets in due to over enthusiastic exercises but when you start these light activities, your muscles start getting stronger and deals with the onset of soreness. You feel better as a result of these simple activities. A soak in the warm water can also help loosening up your tired muscles. This will improve the blood circulation and make your muscles become less stiff.

Post workout snacks will divert your mind

When you are finding the muscles are becoming painful after the workouts, you can prepare a snack for the post workout period. A hot chocolate drink can do wonders as it adds protein and carbs to your diet. A bowl of cereals will also do good to your body. You can also do some jogging or running down the stairs to tone your muscles. Do not go for medications immediately after the workouts but trying out these simple activities and snacks can easily give your muscles support to keep away from severe pain and discomfort. Go through some sites like nydnrehab.com/what-we-treat/back-pain-and-neck-pain/neck-pain-treatment/ where you can find more ways to bring soothing comfort after exercising your muscles regularly.

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