Vertiflex: A Revolution in Restoring the Full Functioning of the Spine

Extreme back pain can be frustrating and can limit you from carrying out various activities. Luckily for you, technological advances have made it possible for the Vertiflex Superion technique that enables you to go back to your normal lifestyle. Vertiflex Superion in Austin addresses your problem to provide effective results that will last long before you require another procedure. Chose Vertiflex Superion treatment for long-lasting relief for spinal issues.

How vital is Vertiflex Superion treatment

Vertiflex Superion treatment is a modernized technique used in restoring the complete functioning of your spine. What is more, it employs slightly invasive methods. The procedure involves inserting the Superion disc space inside the compacted vertebrae or the vertebrae with insufficient space. The patented spacer consists of a rubbery surface that moves according to your spinal movements. The Superion ensures that the vertebrae remain apart during movement to prevent friction between them that may cause extreme pain or other injuries. The Vertiflex Superion procedure effectively addresses the symptoms caused by spinal spondylosis, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and other spine disorders.

 What benefits result from undergoing the Vertiflex Superion Treatment?

Republic Spine and Pain offers the Vertiflex Superion treatment to significantly improve the recovery of patients struggling with chronic pain, especially in their spines. Superion addresses the following conditions:

  •                     Loss of sensation or weakness in the muscles in your limbs
  •                     Stiff buttocks or legs
  •                     Pain in your buttocks and groin
  •                     Excruciating pain traveling down your legs

Apart from solving chronic pain, the Vertiflex Superion procedures help adjust your general posture allowing you to sit upright and reduce the effects caused by slumping.

What should you expect during a Vertiflex Superion procedure?

Vertiflex Superion treatment involves a slightly invasive surgical procedure that is significantly beneficial during healing times. Since the procedure is slightly invasive, healing time will be short, and the likelihood of post-surgery complications is low. During your treatment, the doctor creates small cuts in the spine’s affected part to employ the medicine.

 Your physician places a tube with a diameter equal to that of a dime to insert the Superion between your vertebrae. Your doctor will confirm if the Superion is in place then seals the cuts using a surgical glue or some stitches where necessary. You will go back home after completing the procedure and resume your activities after one or two days.

How long does Vertiflex Superion treatment last?

Republic Spine and Pain provides an effective Vertiflex Superion procedure that can last for several years without constant appointments or hospital visits. Most patients who visited Republic Spine and Pain for this procedure experience a remarkable decrease in pain and other chronic pain-related conditions for a long time. Vertiflex treatment can last for 48 months, and afterward, you can seek a replacement from your doctor.

Do not allow spine disorders to affect the quality of your life. If you have a spine disorder, schedule an online appointment on the website or call Republic Spine and Pain to get your problem solved. The physicians will attend to your issue and provide excellent results.

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