Understand Why Blackouts Happen In Some People

Alcohol consumption makes someone experience a blackout if they consume more than their limits. The name blackout suggests that all the nighttime memories turn dark or blank after a level of consumption. People may even experience fragmentary memory loss, meaning they forget only fewer things.

This type of memory loss or amnesia happens mostly in people drinking alcohol at a young age. When they wake up will be somewhere else in an unknown place. If they continue to increase their consumption levels, they will be more affected by blackouts.

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Why Blackout Happens

Understanding blackouts and preventing the negative consequences such as physical and emotional damage will show you a path to get and consider treatment and stay sober.

The alcoholic amount you drink is not the only reason for this short-term memory loss.

Scientists revealed that heavy drinking causes the brain hippocampus to get impaired, affecting memories, emotions, and even the whole nervous system.

According to research, a person with 0.20 to 0.30 percent alcoholic blood levels will be in the stage of getting a blackout. Drinking on an empty stomach, sleep-deprived times, and having quicker gulps cause blackout potentially.

The answer to why it is happening only in some people depends on factors such as body weight, sleeping habits, age, health condition, genetic vulnerabilities, and many more issues. Research says, women at a young age are more prone to alcoholic blackouts than men and will lose memory by drinking a glass more than usual.

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