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Accessing affordable, low-risk, and less painful treatment procedures have become easy, and technology advances through multiple forms of research. Traditionally, it was a cumbersome process of being admitted and waiting to undergo surgery which would take time to heal. However, through research and improved learning, procedures such as interventional radiology have made things more manageable and less time-consuming. At Southwest cardiovascular associates, Kirk Minkus, MD is specialized in performing minimally invasive procedures to treat different conditions. Call or book online to schedule an appointment.

The interventional radiologist is mainly involved in the treatment of vascular and cancer conditions.

What are vascular diseases?

The body network of blood vessels is called the vascular system. The system comprises arteries, veins, and capillaries. Conditions that affect the vascular system are known as vascular diseases.

Which are the various vascular diseases?

  •   Aneurysm

It occurs where a weakened artery forms a bulge at the weak point. Due to the weakening of the artery wall, it may burst when subjected to pressure, leading to internal bleeding.

  •   Peripheral artery disease

Atherosclerosis is caused by the building up of cholesterol and other substances inside the vessels’ walls called plaque. The building up of plaque over time leads to the narrowing of the vessels blocking blood from flowing. This narrowing of the vessels leads to various symptoms depending on where it happens, such as:

  • The coronary artery blockage causing chest pains or even heart attacks
  • High blood pressure or heart failure due to blockage in the kidney
  • Stroke if the blockage occurs on the carotid vein which supplies blood to the brain


Deep vein Thrombosis

It usually occurs when blood clots in a vein inside a muscle, mainly on the lower leg, thigh, or pelvis. This occurs due to injured veins, damaged valves in a vein, lack of exercise, or genetic disorders.

  •   Varicose Veins

This disorder develops when the veins’ valves are unable to close, causing blood to flow in all directions when muscles relax. The result is bulged veins under the skin. Clots may form in the veins since the blood is moving slowly in the veins.

  •   Lymphedema

The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump like the heart and relies on muscle contractions to keep the lymph moving. If the vessels are not working right, fluid may build up in one place, causing swelling. This is referred to as lymphedema. It is generally caused by severe injuries, infections, or even surgery.

Which are the types of cancer?

There are different types of cancer, and they include:

  •   Brain cancer – This is a tumor that originates in the brain and occurs due to brain cell mutations.
  •   Bone cancer – This may result due to genetic disorders or previous treatment for other conditions.
  •   Cervical cancer – This develops on the narrow organ at the bottom of the uterus.
  •   Intestinal cancer – It affects the small intestines
  •   Lung cancer – occurs in the lungs when the cells start to grow out of control
  •   Prostate cancer – Occurs in the prostate gland
  •   Leukemia is a cancer of the bone marrow, which creates blood cells.

If you experience these conditions and are seeking treatment from a qualified specialist, look no further, as southwest cardiovascular associates, they have you covered. Schedule your appointment by calling or booking online.

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