Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Get an Ultrasound during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be scary, especially for first-timers. Women expecting to have their first babies tend to worry so much about the state of the pregnancy. This is because sometimes pregnancy complications can occur. However, these complications can be detected by ultrasound and arrested in the early stages of the pregnancy to protect the fetus. In case you require a pregnancy ultrasound in Newport Beach, visit OC fertility clinic. They are the best in performing your ultrasound for you and will offer you advice regarding the pregnancy.

Confirm the Pregnancy 

In the first trimester of pregnancy, it is advisable to get an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy. The trimester period ranges from the first to the twelve-week during pregnancy. This period the fetus is just forming, and reasonable caution needs to be taken to ensure the pregnancy has not developed any complications. The doctors usually advise patients to get an ultrasound during the first trimester as it is the first stage of fetus development. 

 To Establish the Gestational Age and Due Date

Ultrasound scans assist the doctors in establishing the gestational age. Doctors describe normal pregnancy to be anywhere between 37 to 41 weeks. During pregnancy, it is essential to monitor the fetus development and verify the gestational age. The fetus growth is compared against growth charts to confirm if there is normal development. The gestational age is verified against the last menstrual period to determine the infant delivery date. Doctors and patients alike can establish due dates through an ultrasound test.

Check for Problems with the Placenta

During pregnancy, the baby’s health can be affected by the placenta position within the uterus. It is crucial to monitor the placenta and ensure it is in the correct position that cannot compromise its health. Doctors can perform an ultrasound to determine some of the placenta complications, such as placenta previa, placenta increase, and vasa previa. Doctors can opt for different treatment options for these complications once established through ultrasound.

Monitor the Position of the Fetus

During pregnancy, there is much movement by the fetus. The movement causes changes in the position of the baby. It is vital to keep track of the fetus and monitor its position during pregnancy. This is because it can affect the method of baby delivery. Doctors and patients alike need to know if the baby’s position is in the breech, cephalic, traverse, or optimal to understand how to reduce delivery complications.

To Determine if You Have Multiple Pregnancies

Multiple pregnancies are sensitive and need constant monitoring. If you have multiple pregnancies, some complications can occur during the pregnancy period. It is, therefore, essential to get an ultrasound to determine if you have multiple pregnancies. Constant monitoring of multiple pregnancies can avoid complications involved with this kind of pregnancy. Some of the difficulties are such as cervical incompetence and twin transfusion.

Talk to a Pregnancy Ultrasound Specialist Today

Ultrasound provides insight into the development of any pregnancy. Through the assistance of doctors, women can monitor the growth and development of the fetus inside the uterus. Doctors can now detect pregnancy complications early in the fetus stages of development and advise patients or offer treatment options.

If you are in Newport Beach, California, and need an ultrasound specialist to check on your pregnancy development, contact Oc fertility clinic today and book an appointment with them.

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