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Top 3 Undeniable Truths of Healthcare Recruiting

Imagine being a healthcare recruiter and knowing that it could take months to fill every position on your docket. No doubt the frustration is real. Healthcare is one of those industries that is not likely to experience an organic decline in demand. People are always going to need it. So where does that leave recruiters who need to work harder than ever before to fill empty spaces?

It leaves them with a ton of work to do and not a lot of avenues to do it. It leaves them facing a few fundamental and undeniable truths at the start of every working day. Below are the top three said truths, compliments of a company known as iMedical Data. iMedical Data is a digital technology company that specializes in producing and maintaining first-party datasets for healthcare.

Undeniable Truth #1: Everybody Is Hiring

Just about every private and public sector entity in healthcare is hiring. Of course, there is always a great need to recruit more doctors and nurses. The world also needs more advanced practice nurses, therapists, etc. But even allied and support staff workers are in high demand.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) estimates that healthcare will add some 2.6 million new jobs by 2030. They also say that no other sector will grow as fast as healthcare over the next eight years. Here is the thing: the healthcare industry already finds itself short of workers. Adding more jobs is only going to make things worse.

Undeniable Truth #2: It’s Not Always About Money

Healthcare administrators and C-suite executives often make the mistake of believing that the biggest issue in healthcare recruiting is money. It’s not. Numerous studies conducted since the start of the pandemic reveal that employees are actually willing to take a pay cut in order to get more favorable working conditions.

This is something that all the healthcare data sets in the world isn’t going to tell you. It is information you can only learn by asking healthcare workers. So many are leaving the field because they are stressed out. They are working longer hours while being forced to do more with less by administrators and executives. No amount of money changes that.

Recruiters know that money isn’t always they answer. They speak with candidates all the time. Unfortunately, they cannot promise job seekers that the positions they offer will be any better. They can tell them about the money and benefits, but they cannot promise a job candidate they will not be overworked in a new position.

Undeniable Truth #3: the Digital World Is Changing Everything

The third undeniable truth of healthcare recruiting is that the digital world is changing everything. In terms of the actual practice of recruiting, everything is digital now. Candidates are contacted via email, social media, and text messaging. Interviews are conducted via videoconferencing. Recruiting is nothing like it was twenty years ago.

The other half of that coin is the way people utilize healthcare. COVID brought telemedicine to the forefront of the American healthcare psyche. And now that it has, consumers will not soon forget it. In fact, healthcare providers should bank on the fact that more healthcare will be going digital in the years to come. Throw in the on-demand model and healthcare looks even more different.

A healthcare recruiter has a tough row to hoe in this day and age. With healthcare demand continuing to grow and not enough people to fill open positions, it only gets harder for the recruiter to produce. If you like a challenge, maybe healthcare recruiting is for you.

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