Tips to Having a Well-Transformed Beautiful Smile

Many people don’t like their smile and would love to improve it. But unfortunately, they wonder how to go about it. The solution lies in finding a reliable restorative dentistry service. A restorative dentist is a specialist with the skills and knowledge to take your smile from not-so-lovely to wow. They can, for instance, come up with the best dental bridges. In Woodland Hills, CA, some such experts can customize a dental procedure for your needs. With a Woodland Hills dental bridges specialist, you’re free to make consultations on treatments suiting you best.

What are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a permanent or false tooth that’s fixed into your gums. They are used to replace teeth that have been missing for quite some time. Some people consider them artificial teeth, which is why they’re also referred to as partial denture, replacement teeth, and even false teeth. If you’re the kind who doesn’t give much importance to your smile, then this treatment will help improve it significantly.

Dental bridges are implanted onto either side of the space where one or more teeth are missing (called an abutment). The best thing about these bridges is that they don’t fall out like removable dentures but instead remain in place due to their sturdiness and anchored structure. There’s no need to worry about them when eating food.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

You might be wondering how dental bridges work. Well, they’re pretty different from other types of appliances in the sense that permanent ones are not removable. A dental bridge is manufactured by taking an impression of your teeth and gums to create a replication (or model) using unique materials like porcelain and metals. 

The best Woodland Hills restorative dentist will keep this creation for reference when producing the real thing. This replica goes between the two abutment teeth (that don’t have any chipped or missing enamel). The model has small embrasures (or gaps), which perfectly fit over these abutment teeth.

The next step involves using a dental adhesive to fix the bridge. The skilled dentist will ensure it’s perfectly fitted and comfortable when in use. In addition, you’ll be given a mold which you need to use when cleaning your teeth at home.

Post-Treatment Care

Once fitted, follow these aftercare instructions closely until your appointment with Woodland Hills restorative dentist. Maintenance is essential for the proper function of the bridges. You may also have annual checkups so your dentist can monitor its condition and look out for any signs of damage or wear-and-tear caused by constant use.

Dental Bridge Advantages

A dental bridge is very beneficial in numerous ways:

  • This procedure is permanent, so you won’t have to visit your dentist each time you have chipped or missing teeth. It’ll save you the trouble of wearing temporary replacements or dentures.
  • The cost of dental bridges is usually lower than other treatments like implants because it doesn’t require any surgical procedure involving anesthesia.

Dental bridges are an effective and popular way of replacing missing teeth. They enhance your dental aesthetics greatly. What matters is seeing a specialized restorative dentist as they’ll make the procedure seamless. They also provide post-treatment guidance on the proper ways to care for the dental bridges.

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