Tips on how to have more beautiful nails

Getting a manicure is not the only way you can have beautiful nails. If you take care of them on a daily basis, you can still have gorgeous nails. No, it does not involve going to the salon every other day. It is possible for anyone to have beautiful nails. Here are some tips for this purpose:

  • Don’t pick your nails

Some ladies have a hard time growing their nails because of this habit. To have beautiful nails, you must first put an end to peeling, biting or picking your nails.

  • Do not cut the cuticles

Cutting your cuticles means you are inviting fungal and bacterial infection to your hands. Cuticles are there for a purpose. They create a waterproof barrier for protecting your nail bed from germs. Some ladies like to cut their cuticles short as it makes their nails seem longer. This is wrong too. Take care of your cuticles with this guide.

  • Moisturize your hands

If you keep your hands moisturized, your nails will be moisturized too. Not doing this can be one of the reasons why your nails break so often. Invest in a good hand and nail cream that is meant to keep your nails, and cuticles healthy.

  • Trim your nails regular

Just like trimming your hair is necessary for good health, trimming nails is necessary too. Make sure you trim them and shape them the way you like.

  • Wear a nail polish

As you coat your nails with nail polish, you are sealing them against damage. Your nails will grow and repair naturally under the nail polish. It also adds a shine to your nails and prevents them from chipping off. It is recommended to apply a new coat after a few days for keeping your manicure stay longer.

  • Wear gloves

If you have to do the household chores yourself, you must wear gloves. The chemicals present in cleaning agents can harm your nails. Once you are done, make sure you wash your gloves and make them dry in sunlight.

  • Always file your nails in one direction

You must already know the importance of filing nails. However, you may not know this that you should file your nails in one direction only. If you don’t do that, this will make your nails weak and they will break prematurely.

That’s not it, filing in one direction helps you achieve a smooth tip. Do not file your nails in an aggressive way. Always file from the corner to the center. This will help you in achieving a smooth finish.

  • Eat well

Your diet also affects your nails. Some ladies have a hard time growing nails because they are not taking a balanced diet. Vitamin E, D, Zinc, Protein, Magnesium, Iron and Protein are great for the health of your nails.

  • Use a good nail remover

The nail polish removers that contain formaldehyde or acetone are harmful to your nails. They make your nails brittle and take away all the moisture. So, choose a remover that is not harsh on your nails.

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