Things Everyone Should Know Before Buying Teeth Whitening

Every whitening has its own chemistry to work on, each of them having its own guidelines specified. If not used properly, it would not show its effective results. The best whitening methods include custom fitted whitening trays which are formulated to keep the oxygen from escaping, hence increasing exposure time. These products are formulated to release a chemical into the tooth enamel to set off a reaction. To know more about things before buying teeth whitening, read on.

How many Gel Syringes Do You Need?

The number of gel required depends on person to person and difficult to gauge without actually seeing your teeth but here is a general idea:

  • LIGHTLY STAINED teeth = 3 gel syringes
  • MODERATELY STAINED teeth = 6 gel syringes
  • HEAVILY STAINED teeth (or those who want extra for maintenance) = 9 gel syringes

It is entirely dependent on the amount and times you consume stain-causing foods, the average rate of whitening maintenance is 1-2 applications in every 3 to 6 months. The whitening gel has a shelf life of 2 years if refrigerated, and 1 if unrefrigerated.

Will the Whitening Gel Affect Your Gums?

Everyone experiences some degree of gum irritation from teeth whitening in Ellisville, MO or anywhere in the world. Whitening your teeth doesn’t cause any permanent damage to your gums, but it irritates your gums temporarily. It is caused by the teeth whitening gel and is considered a chemical burn, which is quite similar to typical sunburn.

Will the Whitening Gel Affect Your Teeth?

No, it doesn’t cause any damage or harm to your tooth enamel. Enamel is deemed to be the hardest tissue in the human body. To make your whitening gel work successfully, the product flows through the enamel tubules and begins to lighten your stained teeth.

Do You Need a Desensitizing Gel?

This product helps in reducing the sensitivity and to lessen the re-straining rate. During the process, the pores in the teeth are left open so that it dehydrates. A tooth with is professionally whitened is partially dehydrated for 48 hours or until the tubules are remineralized by the organic substances found in the saliva. Avoid all sorts of hot and cold, sweet and salty substances, to avoid nerve tissue irritation. Until the tooth is totally rehydrated, it will suck up any color of the food or liquid it is subjected to.

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