The Importance of Online Teletherapy

Most people understand the benefits and the significance of looking for therapy. Therapy can be beneficial and a worthwhile experience, assisting us in overcoming challenges and hurdles in life that we might not be able to face on our own. However, most people still find it hard to access therapy for various reasons. Persisting social stigma of requiring support with our mental wellness or finding the time and the ability to sit down with a therapist are two reasons. In the advancing digital world, you can easily access a therapist’s services through online video therapy in New York at Thriving Center of Psychology. The specialists here use video conferencing software that uses the internet to quickly and conveniently access the services you need.

Online Video Teletherapy 101

This kind of therapy is similar to traditional therapy services. Face-to-face treatment does not necessarily require laboratory tests; it is, therefore, possible to create therapies online through video chat. Thus, online video teletherapy can help in a wide range of services and problems such as anxiety, depression, chronic stress, issues with relationships, and trauma. Research has proven that online cognitive behavioral therapy used for depression is just the same as in-office therapy. If you are looking for online video therapy services, Thriving Center of Psychology can help you.

What are the benefits of online video therapy?

Online video teletherapy has a wide range of important benefits. Specialists contend that this kind of therapy may be more effective than in-person therapy. The following are some of the benefits you get from a qualified therapist:

Improved access to health services

Some people may not be able to access face-to-face treatment for various reasons, such as those living in rural areas, disability, time, and other issues. Online video teletherapy is significant as it overcomes most of the barriers, hence improving the accessibility of many people. Studies have also suggested that those who undergo this therapy type are likely to seek out face-to-face treatment due to a positive encounter with the therapist.

Provides better flexibility

Cancelling an in-person therapy session during tight office hours may be a necessity. However, with the convenience of teletherapy, you can more easily participate, even when time is tight. When the therapist is available any time the patient prefers, it provides better flexibility and encourages more people to seek health services when they need it.

Cheaper services

This kind of therapy involves lower costs, thus helping you save more money.  You will incur less therapy-associated charges because you will not have to travel to get treatment.

Better privacy

When you seek help from a therapist, online video therapy saves you from having to sit in busy waiting rooms and allows the privacy of your home or office, thus alleviating privacy concerns.

Online video teletherapy is ideal for those who find it impossible to access treatment in person. It is also important in preventing the transmission of a pandemic or illness, especially during the times of Covid-19. Like any other therapy, this kind of treatment increases the quality of treatment, hence better results. Experts recommend working with your therapist to formulate an appropriate treatment that gives the most advantages. Consult your specialist at Thriving Center for Psychology to learn how online video teletherapy can help enhance your health.

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