Spinal Cord Stimulator: 5 Signs It May Be Appropriate For You

Pain can be beneficial. It sends a signal to your body when you are injured that you should protect that area from additional harm. However, what if the injury has healed, but the agony persists? If so, you may be struggling with chronic pain, a condition affecting over 20% of Americans. While often lifestyle adjustments, physical therapy, medications, alternative treatments, and surgery may effectively address your symptoms, they are not always effective. If it so happens that you cannot find relief from these typical therapeutic approaches, it might be time to try something new. The interventional pain management specialists at University Pain Medicine approach pain holistically, employing a spinal cord stimulator to address your pain. Spinal cord stimulation takes control of your neurological system and sends a different message to your brain to provide you with pau relief. So, do you think you would benefit from a spinal cord stimulator in Englewood Cliffs? Check out this post to learn more.

Here are 5 signs that spinal cord stimulation may be right for you:

  1.     Chronic Pain

The severity and duration of your discomfort are the primary requirements for spinal cord stimulation. If you have been suffering from chronic pain for six months or more, spinal cord stimulation may be a potential alternative.

Conservative therapy choices are always recommended at the start of your pain management journey. However, spinal cord stimulation is the next logical step if you have tried them all and still have not found relief. Some of the conditions a spinal cord stimulator could help with include but are not limited to sciatica, post-surgical pain, spondylosis, herniated disc, sciatica, angina, etc.

  1.     Unsuccessful Back Surgery

If you have had back surgery and are still in agony, you are one of the 20-40% of persons who have failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS). This condition does not necessarily imply that your surgeon made a mistake. The issues are caused by scar tissue accumulation and recurrent muscular spasms. Spinal cord stimulation is quite efficient in the treatment of FBSS.

  1.     Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a condition in which your nerves are faulty or injured. Symptoms range from tingling and numbing sensations to blatant pain. Neuropathy could affect any part of your body and be caused by various factors such as drinking, infection, trauma, stress, disease, poor nutrition, or chemotherapy. Spinal cord stimulation has a good possibility of helping neuropathy.

  1.     A Test Run That Went Well

Before committing to spinal cord stimulation, your doctor does a trial run to ensure it is right for you. Your doctor inserts an electrode into your epidural space, much like the final treatment. However, the generator is kept outside the body and held by a belt tied to your waist area. As a result, you will only have one tiny cut. If the gadget alleviates your discomfort by 50% or more, it is a success, and you may proceed with the rest of the operation.

  1.     Mental Well-Being

Pain hurts both your body and your mind. Often, persons who struggle with chronic pain will likely suffer from severe anxiety and depression. These mental health disorders may make it difficult for you to comprehend the benefits and hazards of spinal cord stimulation properly.

For some persons, it might make it difficult to use the device and control their symptoms. As a result, candidates for spinal cord stimulation are pre-screened for any mental or intellectual issues that might make the therapy less efficient.

Do not delay seeking expert assistance with your chronic pain. While it might seem mild at first, the pain may grow in severity as your condition worsens. At University Pain Medicine Center, the pain specialists employ a spinal cord stimulator to address common chronic pain concerns. Call the office or book an appointment online today to determine if you are the right candidate for spinal cord stimulation.

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