Skin Redefinition Procedures to Improve Your Confidence

Confidence is one important aspect of human beings, which you can achieve with youthful-looking skin. Age and other physical factors influence your skin, making it saggy with many wrinkles. If you have skin issues that need attention, seek the services of Skin Deep Laser MD for that smoother and tighter skin. Collagen is one important protein beneath the skin; your Doctor will use lasers to promote sebum production for that tighter and smoother look.

How effective is Pelleve skin treatment?

Many skin treatments exist to match your skin goals; Pelleve is an FDA approved skin-tightening product that will push you closer to tighter skin. The treatment uses radio frequencies that reach beneath the skin to rejuvenate and make it fresher. Radiofrequency energy reaches the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen—a protein. Collagen tightens the skin, making it look younger, fresher, and smoother. Your doctor will only consider you for Pelleve procedures when you have the following skin issues:

  •         Jowls
  •         Wrinkly mouth
  •         Crow’s feet
  •         Nasolabial Folds
  •         Crepey skin 
  •         Saggy and loose skin below and above the mouth

However, you will need to consult with Dr. Riehm to identify the right procedure for your skin.

How many visits to make to the hospital for a better skin

Results will depend on your skin. However, with Pelleve, you can notice a significant change after one treatment. Dr. Riehm recommends at least one skin treatment every 10 years. However, when in your 40’s you will need four visits to your doctor spaced within a month for optimal results.

What makes Pelleve better than other treatments available?

Pelleve has many advantages, one of them being comfort. Additionally, it offers you real results that improve over time. Other advantages of the treatment include:

  •         Little pain and downtime
  •         Cheaper than other treatments in the market
  •         Shorter sessions mostly less than 30 minutes
  •         Safer for most skins
  •         Pelleve can reach the hard-to-reach places below and above the eyes

Additionally, Pelleve offers you pleasure with its customizable characteristics

Who can use Pelleve to improve their looks?

Pelleve is a procedure suitable for all. The product tightens the skin of men and women of all colors. The product significantly improves your looks by eliminating dimpled appearances. Additionally, you will need to have good health with flexible skin to achieve the treatment’s full benefits. Your doctor will take various steps to reduce the risks of other complications. While at the treatment center, you will have to give out your medical history, aesthetic goals, and any current health situations.

What are the Common Side Effects of Pelleve

The treatment is painless, as your doctor takes extreme measures to guarantee your safety. Additionally, you will not experience any burn marks after the treatment. However, you will notice some redness and discomfort.

Redefine your skin and reach the highest levels of confidence with skin tightening procedures from Dr. Riehm. You will notice sudden changes with little downtime. Reach the facility through a phone call or book a spot online.

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