Reproductive Wellness Treatments to Help Cope with Aging

Some women lose their natural balance in the vagina. This usually happens when you age, making you unable to enjoy or perform some things you once did easily. MonaLisa Touch™ treatment is a revolutionary procedure that will help rejuvenate or recreate your vagina. Have the procedure yourself and rediscover your younger days when you visit Bluebonnet OB/GYN.

Is MonaLisa Touch a good treatment?

MonaLisa Touch™ helps rejuvenate and recreate the vaginal area to improve the mucous membrane lost over time. The mucous membrane is the covering of the vagina and works to protect you during intercourse. MonaLisaTouch™ treatment uses lasers to penetrate deep and provide the desired results by forcing some biological reactions to occur. A point to note is that the procedure is less invasive, meaning that you avoid the most deadly risks. After the procedure, you will regain the functions lost by the mucous membrane over time.

Benefits of the MonaLisa Touch treatment

Issues such as vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, burning, and laxity affect women in their productive ages. MonaLisa Touch™ treatment offers a remedy to all these issues with little invasion like ordinary surgeries. Further, the treatment is more effective, just like other medications and procedures in the market. Days after the treatment, you will notice decreased dryness and less itching. Additionally, you can also regain your sensitivity to sexual intercourse when you fully adhere to the treatment.

What to expect during treatment with MonaLisa Touch

Bluebonnet OB/GYN offers safe procedures to prevent adverse reactions to the patient. The doctor will assess your medical history and current medical condition before giving you laser treatment. During the treatment, you will not feel pain but a small vibration that will stop soon after. Often, many patients report some small discomforts that disappear on their own soon after the treatment.

For optimality and the best results from the procedure, you will require three applications separated by a month each. However, your situation will help your doctor decide the number of treatments required to make you benefit. Many patients, on average, require three treatments; however, if your case is special, your doctor can decide the fourth treatment to help you benefit fully from the laser treatment.

For sexual matters, your doctor will give the correct period to resume sexual activities. However, most people require about four days before returning fully to their sexual activities.

Can MonaLisa Touch treat a dilated vagina?

A dilated vagina refers to a stretched vagina or a wide one. You can have the issue due to aging or traumatic events when growing up. However, your doctor will evaluate you and decide the best way to remedy the situation. Muscles and vaginal prolapse are other issues that can lead to vaginal dilation. Your doctor may use a CO2 fractional laser to help return your vagina to its tight state.

Risks associated with MonaLisa Touch™

The treatment has few side effects with small risks. The procedure is a one-day process with only redness as the major side effect.

Relieve your glorious day with a MonaLisa Touch™ procedure from Bluebonnet OB/GYN. You will solve most issues affecting your reproductive health. Give the facility a call or make a booking online for a procedure.

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