Practical Solutions for Complex Neurological Disorders

Marlboro Township, NJ neurologist Amor Mehta, MD, understands all your neurological conditions. If you are suffering from any kinds of neurological complications, contact the practice for effective diagnosis and treatments from an industry leader.

About the practice

Neurological Center for Epilepsy and Seizures in New Jersey is a premier facility for patients afflicted with the most complicated neurological disorders. Led by Amor Mehta, MD, your team provider exceeds the standard of care to help you find solutions, empowering you to live your life to the fullest.

Your specialist at NCES understands that seizure disorders, epilepsy, and other detrimental neurological conditions can have an impact on your life. With an integrative approach, the team designs treatment plans, targeting every underlying factor. The practice considers all aspects, including sleep disorders and digestive complications in their evaluation and treatment.

Believing that hope comes in all sizes, the practitioners think beyond to find answers that restore optimism to their patients. As a trailblazer in modern epileptology, NCES is equipped with leading-edge medical equipment, enabling them to diagnose and address a wide spectrum of neurological problems. With these innovative tools and approaches, patients receive more options in their recovery while letting you avoid expensive in-office facilities.

At NCES, your integrative and customized approach employs the most innovative, diagnostic testing modalities partnered with cutting-edge treatment plans. Dr. Mehta and the team rely on diet therapy, targeted medication, medical cannabis, neuromodulation, and surgery. Their incorporation of medical cannabis as an option for intractable epilepsy and seizures has helped develop some of the most innovative pharmaceutical industry alternatives.

Dr. Mehta highlights patient education, ensuring each patient stays up to date with their neurological condition, believing that this information helps the patient be more proactive about their health.

Available Services

Dr. Mehta leads a complete team of providers in responding to numerous neurological conditions at the Neurology Center for Epilepsy and Seizures.

You can visit for top-notch treatments such as:

  • Seizures Specialist- Most individuals with an unprovoked seizure, or seizure with an unidentifiable cause, are prone to having a second seizure within six months. If you happen to experience seizures, contact NCES for exceptional care.
  • Epilepsy Specialist- As one of the leading certified epileptologists, Amor Mehta has designed numerous solutions to help each patient suffering from epilepsy achieve ideal treatment. Contact NCES for complete diagnostic testing and treatment of epilepsy. 
  • Memory Loss Specialist- Memory loss normally occurs due to aging. Forgetfulness may be due to normal aging or an indication of progressive dementia. Nonetheless, possible causes of memory loss are numerous and some treatable. Contact Amor Mehta for comprehensive diagnosis treatment of all memory loss types.
  • Concussion Specialist- If you have one concussion, you will likely sustain a second one by five times. Regardless of the source of your concussion, it would be best to safeguard your health. Contact Amor Mehta, MD, and his team at NCES for superior diagnosis and treatment.
  • Medication Management Specialist- Most individuals experiencing neurological conditions can live a vibrant life, thanks to effective medications. However, these powerful medications demand ongoing regulations. Your team at NCES offers medication management to minimize side effects and keep you on the right dose.

Neurology Center for Epilepsy and Seizures is the leading practice for all your neurological complications. Call today, or book your appointment online to get started on long-lasting relief.

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