Pelvic Floor Health? Everything You Need To Know

The pelvic floor muscles are fundamental in that they help in the control of bowel movements. When they become weak, a person could end up experiencing incontinence. Age sometimes is often associated with the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Finding a women’s health expert can be the ultimate solution for this problem. In Georgia, there are worthy centers you may target. Consider visiting McDonough’s pelvic floor health facility for assistance. Sometimes knowing about pelvic floor health is significant.

Pelvic Floor Health Meaning

Keeping the pelvic floor muscles strong should always be one’s aim. It holds the pelvic organs such as the bladder, uterus, rectum, and vagina together. Old age sometimes poses a considerable challenge in having the muscles strong enough. Weakened muscles sometimes result in them contracting when they should be relaxing. In the end, a person could have incontinence.

Women often suffer from this more than men due to the anatomy of their pelvic area. It often results in difficulty making bowel movements, resulting in an inability to hold urine and stool. Good pelvic floor health translates to better sexual function.

How to Improve Pelvic Floor Health?

A gynecologist or any expert in women’s health can help improve the health of this area through exercises. The therapy sessions will train your pelvic muscles in contracting and relaxing. Eventually, they tone up hence become stronger. You have consistency in doing the exercises, as you will ultimately eliminate the incontinence. Finally, you will be free from embarrassing moments.

Understanding Pelvic Prolapse

Ordinarily, the uterus needs to be within the pelvic area with the cervix below it. There are times when it shifts from this position and descends to the vagina. Pelvic prolapse is something closely connected to old age and child-bearing—these two result in weakening the ligaments, making the uterus lower.

What are the remedies for the condition? One of the leading solutions to this is introducing the Kegel exercises. People sometimes forget that the pelvic muscles have the same structure as any muscle in the body. Practices can strengthen them. In Kegel workouts, the pelvic floor muscles get the opportunity to contract for 10 seconds and relax for the other 10.

Common Symptoms of Pelvic Prolapses

Before you know whether to treat a condition, you need to be sure of it. Sometimes the symptoms are what you need in concluding a particular problem. When it comes to pelvic prolapse, there are signs which one should know. Some of them include urinary problems such as leakage and retention issues.

The other symptom is difficulty in achieving bowel movement and, at times, lower back pains. Another common thing is painful sexual intercourse. Whenever you notice such signs, it is always good to find the best facility for a checkup.

Pelvic floor muscles are pivotal when it comes to controlling bowel movements. It is unfortunate that they weaken at some point and make it hard to hold back stool and urine. The incontinence has a solution through suitable therapy sessions. Looking for the best experts is critical as you stand a better chance of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

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