Microblading: A Complete Guide

Microblading is a successful type of cosmetic tattooing that involves using ink and small needles to accentuate your eyebrows. If you seek to improve your eyebrow’s appearance, you can achieve the look you desire comfortably. Contact Cosmedoctor today to benefit from revolutionary microblading and other quality treatments.

What is Microblading?

Microblading refers to a semi-durable corrective and manual skincare practice that delivers beautiful results and can scrap years off of your appearance. Its other names include small-scale pigmentation, 3D eyebrows, micro stroking, etc.

Each microblading stroke connects separately, allowing your expert to control the shape, thickness, and shading of the finished eyebrow. This process culminates into perfect, fuller, and symmetrical-looking eyebrows. Microblading is ideal for anyone seeking to improve their eyebrow definition, expand eyebrows, cover holes of lost hair, or may be used as a full corrective treatment if your forehead has little to no hair.

How Long Will My Procedure Last?

Upon visiting Cosmedoctor, a fifteen-minute consultation with your doctor is prescribed to understand your expectations and objectives. After setting the objectives and learning the shape, color, and size of your microblading, it will take approximately two hours to complete your treatment.

Are Microblading Results Long Lasting?

Your microblading results are likely to last for one or two years if you follow legitimate aftercare instructions. Different shades of hypoallergenic permanent micro-pigments respond diversely to every skin type. These divergent results arise from skin type, sun exposure, and precautionary aftercare instructions.

Is the Process Painful?

An eyebrow microblading treatment involves little to no pain. Before your treatment, your Cosmedoctor provider applies topical anesthesia to numb the region, continues to apply it during your treatment. It produces little to no vibration in the region. You will notice a little redness and slight swelling in the treatment area.

What is the Duration of the Healing Process?

The healing period after your treatment is not long. It may range from one week to one and a half for your eyebrows to heal fully. It then takes an additional three to four weeks for the color to set in completely. You will do well to adhere to the aftercare instructions given by your provider diligently for optimal outcomes.

Am I Eligible for Microblading?

Yes. Almost everybody can benefit from eyebrow microblading. This process is independent of skin color, type, and tone. Virtually everyone seeking to improve their eyebrow appearance is a candidate. Nonetheless, for pregnant individuals, lactating mothers, or individuals suffering from keloid disease, the procedure is not recommended.

Microblading is an exceptional treatment that enables people the eyebrow they desire. In a safe treatment, you can make your face extremely attractive. If clean and precise strokes are made, your results will be visible in the form of sharp, replicated eyebrows.

Other treatments

Cosmedoctor physicians also offer other superior services. Contact them to receive treatments such as:

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  •       COSMELYFT™
  •       Injectables and dermal fillers
  •       Prescription skincare
  •       Radiofrequency skin tightening

Bottom Line

Regardless of your reasons, microblading can correct the appearance of your eyebrows, revealing a beautiful appearance. If you consider undertaking this treatment, contact Cosmedoctor specialists online or via the phone for outstanding results.

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