Learn more about addiction, especially how to know you have an addiction and various treatment options available

Millions of Americans are suffering from addiction which is a complex medical concern. Therefore, people are encouraged to seek the treatment they require if at all they are suffering from addiction. The experienced and knowledgeable team in the facility, including Dr. Ashwin Reddy (an addiction specialist), offers a comprehensive alcohol and opioid use disorder program.

What is addiction?

Addiction is a complex and chronic disease that affects the normal function of your body and brain. It is a health condition that affects more than forty million Americans and is more common than diabetes, cancer, and heart disease combined. The substance that you are addicted to alters the connections in your brain, thus causing a compulsive need for the substance, which changes your behavior. With time you develop tolerance to the substance–meaning you will require more to get the same effect. This addiction, therefore, affects your mental, physical, and emotional health. In other cases, it can also destroy relationships and make you disregard your responsibilities.

How do you know you have an addiction?

In most cases, you might not know that you have an addition. However, most people know they have an addiction when family and friends point out that they are acting differently, which indicates that the substance they are using has control over their life. Some of the symptoms that can indicate you have an addiction include the inability to complete usual responsibilities or tasks, engaging in risky behaviors, uncontrolled cravings for the substance, and suffering from withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop using the substance.

What treatments can help with addiction?

The health care team in the facility offers a comprehensive outpatient program to treat and manage alcohol and opioid use disorders.  The specialist also develops a personalized treatment plan that depends on the substance you are addicted to and other existing diseases. However, the health care personnel usually use a combination of behavioral and medication therapy to help you successfully recover from your addiction. According to research, the use of medications and outpatient therapy is essential for a successful recovery from addiction and prevents relapse of the same.

The care specialist also spends time educating you and helping you understand that your addiction is a disease like any other and that it also requires medical management. Like many people, at first, you might feel as if your addiction is your fault–but in a real sense, it is not because after you understand the biological mechanism behind the addiction, you will start to understand it. Doing so will also enable you to understand the benefits of this treatment. The health care providers also provide you with any additional resources you may require in your everyday life.

Suppose you or someone close to you is suffering from addiction. You are noting some strange behaviors, visit or call the 2nd Chance Treatment Center today for more information on the various treatment options available. The health care provider teaches and educates you on the benefits of treating your addiction.

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