Laser Stretch Mark Removal Guide

Stretch marks or scars are the results of breaking down of layers of skin due to excessive stretching. When the skin breaks down it hinder the occurrence of collagen in the skin; which is the primary source that keeps the skin elastic and maintains its shape.

Stretch marks are caused due to change in the body because of pregnancy, extreme weight gain, weight training and majorly due to hormonal changes in the body during puberty. Stretch marks are common in both men and women; they may develop around belly, breast, thighs, arms and hips. They possess no harm to the human body but majority of the people consider them as embarrassing though they are natural and found in every third person.

For those who consider stretch mark as ugly scars, they need solutions to get rid of them. There are ways which help in reducing stretch marks but no such treatments are introduced which completely vanishes the scars. Laser treatment for stretch mark removal is one of the most popular and effective treatment as compared to other treatments available in the market.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Laser therapy has proven to be one of the most effective treatments for reducing stretch marks. The laser treatment itself has many types, the difference in the treatment is because of the type of laser used for treatment. New laser lights are introduced in the market after the approval of the Food and Drug Association (FDA).

These new and improved laser technologies are an advanced treatment for stretch marks and are more efficient and effective. The new laser machine emits a controlled ultraviolet light the attacks the structure of the dermis of the skin. It reduces the stretch mark appearance by breaking down the upper layer of the skin. It also reactivates the molecules in the broken skin to increase the production of collagen. Which assists in naturally helping the body to heal the stretch marks through collagen.

Why choose laser treatment for stretch mark removal?

Previously the only common way of removing stretch marks was going through a cosmetic surgery; which is a painful process and requires a long period for recovering. Introduction of laser treatment has brought ease in the life of the patients by offering an effective way for stretch mark removal. You can choose this treatment over other treatments because it has minimum downtime, is less painful and have no such side effects. Laser treatments require no cuttings and invasion which makes it a safe treatment.

Is Laser A Safe Treatment For Stretch Mark Removal?

Laser treatment for stretch mark removal is a safe method. The results produced after the treatment are obvious as compare to any other stretch mark removal treatment. A mild redness may follow after the procedure but disappears within few days; as the cosmetic surgeon will provide some meditation for it.

And if you have some medical complications then you need to inform the doctor so he can take precautions accordingly. If there is any possible risk associated with the treatment because of your medical complication, then he would explain it to you before starting the treatment.

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