Jobs in the Air Force: What are the Health Requirements?

Landing a job at the Air Force is a matter of prestige, great honor and of course responsibility. There are several kids among us who nurture the dream of becoming a part of the Air Force. As much as it is a matter of pride, one should not really forget that that getting a place here is not easy at all.

Want to Join the Air Force?

So what does it take to qualify for a place in the Air Force? Exceptional academic qualifications? Sound mental and physical health? Great past records? The answer is – it is a combination of everything that plays a crucial role here. Today, however, we will be discussing the health requirements for jobs in the air force. Do let us inform you that it is not really sufficient to be only physically and mentally healthy in order to become a part of the Air Force. There are other requirements to be met as well. Find out what we are talking about!

Do you meet the health requirements?

Irrespective of what your academic qualifications are, you must fulfill the set of physical standards in a bid to qualify. The general demands in this regard are:

  • Sound mental health
  • Good physical health
  • Good hearing
  • Healthy joints and bones
  • Well developed chests (the exact measurement may or may not differ with different countries)
  • Candidate must also meet the exact height weight ratio as has been specified


As has already been mentioned above, there might as well be minor differences between the requirements spelt out by different countries. However, most of the specifications largely remain the same. For instance, individuals with a past history of mental breakdown and fits will not really be able to qualify. Someone with compromised vision will have to deal with rejection as well. Other “health” impediments on your way to securing an Air Force job are:

  • Organic or functional diseases of heart and blood vessels
  • Bones or joints should not be weak or diseased
  • Skin diseases which might lead to disfigurement
  • Enlargement of spleen or liver
  • Hernia which has not been operated
  • Abnormality detected during urine test
  • Any past record of problems associated with nose, ear or throat!
  • Weak or abnormal growth of teeth (or unnatural teeth)

These are just a few basic health requirements that should be met by an individual in order to be considered for a job at the Air Force.

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