Is It the Right Time to Buy Hearing Aids for Your Regular Use?

One can lose the hearing power due to a number of reasons. Some of the reasons can be heredity, cerumen (earwax) buildup, certain disease, ear infection etc. Also, as people age, due to exposure to various kinds of loud noises, they often lose their hearing.

With increasing age, like most of other organs, ear also tend to become weak and as a result certain amount of hearing loss can be noticed. However, this process is too slow to determine exactly when you need proper attention. Also, it is a bit difficult to decide whether should we really invest our money in buying an expensive hearing aid or looking for some other solution.

Therefore, we are providing here few indications so that you can decide whether you need some help as far as your hearing sense is concerned.

Few signs of hearing loss

Many of the signs of hearing loss are related to certain changes in our behavior as we age. When we cross the age of 60, we feel that people around us are speaking too softly and you can comprehend what a person is saying only after he repeats a sentence at least twice. Due to this reason a number of behavioral changes take place. Here are few signs in your behavior pattern that will indicate that it is time for you to buy certain hearing aids that are rechargeable.

  • If you mostly complain that people are mumbling before you
  • When there is group conversation or discussions then you find it difficult to understand and participate in the discussion
  • You prefer to run TV or radio at much higher volume
  • Often you cannot hear that your cell phone is ringing and at the end of the day you will notice the list of missed calls.
  • It is difficult for you to hear or talk on a telephone.
  • You ask people too often to repeat what they told you.
  • If the person does not look directly at you and talk, you find it difficult to understand.
  • You often miss the dialog that is spoken in TV programs or movie hall
  • While doing social interaction, you become too much irritated, impatient and get frustrated very easily
  • Prefer to avoid any social or public events

Should you buy any hearing aid?

If you find that the signs mentioned above is applicable to you then it is right time to consult any audiologist Sun City West. After discussing with any hearing care professional and performing hearing test with the help of audiologist you can determine to what level your hearing power has damaged. The audiologist can suggest you whether hearing aid will be appropriate for you or not. Your quality of social life can certainly be impaired if you suffer from hearing loss.

Why you can hear people but fail to understand them

Quite often people can hear other’s speech but fail to understand what they are talking about. Our speech is a combination of low, mid and high-pitched sounds. Consonants and hard sounds are usually higher in pitch and that carry the real meaning of any word. While low sounds and vowels in any speech provide necessary volume and does not carry any meaning.

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