Investing in health and safety

In the plant hire industry, it’s clear that health and safety is crucial when you have people operating machinery and transporting heavy loads. Construction work often means that employees are working at height or in other potentially hazardous environments, which means that knowledge of health and safety can be the difference between a safe working environment and a lawsuit.

Plant hire companies that invest in health and safety constantly invest in the newest machines on the market; their fleet will be young – no older than 3 years, at most – and they’ll have the most advanced safety features on their machines (such as reversing cameras), to help to keep your site and staff as safe as they can be.

All equipment offered by any reputable plant hire company should be thoroughly examined and tested before it is delivered to ensure it meets health and safety standards. The delivery team sent out with your plant hire machinery should be fully trained and able to operate the plant that they transport and deliver – this means that your workers can have access to on-site training if they’re using a machine that they aren’t 100% familiar with, and that the equipment that you hire will be unloaded at your site in a safe manner.

Construction is full of all kinds of potential hazards that require workers to be very careful when they’re working on a project that requires heavy lifting and plant hire machinery. Buildings and structures that need heavy materials and machinery require well-trained individuals to handle the workload.

When you hire from a plant hire company, you should always check that your team will be receiving full on-site training from the company’s delivery team. The delivery team should only ever hand over the keys for the machinery when they are completely confident that your team can operate the vehicles in a safe way that won’t put anyone at risk.

To ensure that you’re investing in a plant hire company who are investing in you, take time to check the company’s health and safety practices. It’s important that the plant hire company in question is constantly researching and refining their health and safety policies within their company. Everything from the development of their fleet of young machines to the delivery and training services that they offer to their clients is an important part of showing how much they care.

Safety technology is regularly invested in by a number of plant hire companies, and the one that you choose should be no different in their practices. It’s important to always be on the lookout for ways to provide safety add-ons to plant hire machines to help increase the safety that workers feel when using the construction vehicles that they need to complete a project.

When in doubt, always contact the plant hire company that you are considering hiring from. Their team should have no trouble running through their company’s health and safety procedures and practices with you to ensure that your staff will be safe in their hands.

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