How to surprise your man romantically on his birthday

Are you confused about how to make your partner’s birthday special? No doubt, birthdays are supposed to be memorable days for everyone. If you are planning to surprise him, there is no better idea than an intimate party with just you two in it along with amazing surprise sex. Bring him gifts, but even if you don’t, we are sure he wouldn’t mind after knowing about the plan. Here is how you can surprise him on his big day:

  • Make it all about him- It’s his big day. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that you let him know that it’s all about him today through your actions. You probably know what he likes or not, just get rid of your shy self for once and do anything you can for him, as long as you are comfortable. You can give him a sexy lap dance, striptease him or cook a meal naked. If nothing, just use those first time sex tips that you heard from your friends.
  • Gift him something out of the box- Just because it’s his birthday, you do not have to stick to the usual cute presents. You can think something out of the box this time and get him something new, an adult sex toy, maybe. Trust us; he’s going to love it. You can buy any sex toy from any online or offline store. Give him a little trial of the toy after he’s done opening his presents.
  • Make his fantasies come true- You probably know what his fantasies are. If not, make sure you ask him a couple of days before his birthday without being suspicious. Surprise him with his fantasies coming to life. On the other hand, you could also try that one position he’s been wanting to try or give him an erotic massage, etc.
  • Oral sex- If you are usually the shy type in your relationship, this is the time you show them what you actually are. Take the lead and surprise him with oral sex. Start with a little foreplay and take advantage of the erogenous zones for men and make him go crazy about it. Just when you think it’s the right time, you go all in. This could be one of the birthday gifts for him.
  • Get messy- Bring a twist when he cuts his birthday cake. Add a little pinch of fun in it with chocolate sauce, Nutella, or whipped cream. You can rub cakes on each other and get dirty. Then have the cake off each other. This might sound gross, but trust us, it gets better with the increasing amount of dirtiness.


You can surprise him just how he likes. One of the best tips to make it all work would be to abstain from sex for some days before his birthday. It would actually help you a lot. What are you waiting for now? Go plan it out and surprise him.

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