How Partnering With a Heart Specialist can Help Prevent Adverse Issues

Heart diseases have devastated many all over the world. In the United States, up to 610,000 people die every year due to vascular and heart complications. Plano heart disease is where you can have most of your heart issues sorted by Dr. Rishin Shah. The place offers solutions for existing heart problems and gives recommendations to help you avoid severe heart issues. Find comfort and some peace of mind by visiting the center.

What are the common heart issues?

Heart conditions are those that have a significant impact on your life. The heart is the backbone of human life and any issues with it can increase your chances of death.

The most common issues associated with the heart include:

  •         Congenital heart defects
  •         Arrhythmia
  •         Coronary artery disease (CAD)
  •         High blood pressure

Heart issues often prevent you from accomplishing many things. In some instances, a heart defect can narrow your blood vessels pushing up your blood pressure. In other circumstances, life-threatening problems such as angina, heart attacks, and strokes can arise when you fail to see a heart specialist sooner.

Major Signs that you may have heart issues

Unless you visit Prime Heart and Vascular regularly, you may never notice any heart issues until it is too late. The center offers screening services that will pick out even the slightest signs of heart problems. Additionally, Doctor Shah will counsel you and give you the best treatment options available. The major signs of heart problems to look out for include:

  •         Fatigue
  •         Shortness of breath
  •         Irregular heartbeats
  •         Swelling
  •         Abdominal and jaw pains

However, many signs and symptoms affect people differently and only your doctor can decide whether you have a heart issue.

What factors can put you at greater risks of heart issues

Heart problems appear because of natural and sometimes personal factors. Sedentary lifestyles are the major reasons for heart conditions. You will have an increased chance of heart disease when you:

  •         Have diabetes
  •         Smoke
  •         Have a constant poor diet
  •         Are constantly stressed
  •         Have hypertension

Prime Heart and Vascular can help identify triggers that increase the chances of heart diseases and help you reduce them.

Differences between heart defects and diseases

Heart defects can begin in the womb. Women living sedentary lifestyles put their children at risk of congenital heart defects. On the other hand, heart diseases include common ones that affect people after they are born. Such common heart problems include:

  •         Rheumatic fever
  •         Various infections
  •         Connective tissues disorders
What other problems arise due to existing mild heart issues

Heart issues increase your chances of death significantly. Deadly conditions that accompany heart disorders include:

  •         Strokes
  •         Heart failure
  •         Heart attack
  •         Aneurysms
  •         Peripheral artery disease
How does a doctor solve heart diseases?

Doctor Shah has the right experience and knowledge to determine a heart issue and offer the right solutions. The first line of treatment is to get you out of a sedentary lifestyle. Changes to expect include a better diet and an exercise regimen. Additionally, counseling sessions will follow the treatments available.

Have a healthy heart with treatments from Prime Heart and Vascular in Plano. You will find the best treatments and life changes to reduce your chances of a heart attack. Book an appointment through the website or call the facility.

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