How Does an Answering Service for Doctors Office Work?

If you work in a medical practice, then there is a good chance then you have experienced this exact scenario before. You are trying to keep up with all the demands of your patient. Therefore, you end up closing the doors of your medical practice about one hour later than you were supposed to. As soon as you get in the car, your phone rings again. You get home and would like to spend time with their family members; however, you can’t seem to get off of the phone because your patients¬†keep calling me. What can you do? In this case, an answering service for doctors office can be helpful. How does the service work and why should you want one?

An Answering Service Will Act as the First Line of Defense

Ultimately, the exact agreement with every answering service is going to be a little bit different. On the other hand, the vast majority of answering services are going to act as your first line of defense when you are on call. If you have multiple doctors in your practice, then you may rotate who is on call. At the same time, you may also get a lot of phone calls that may not constitute medical emergencies or that could wait until the next day. An answering service is going to be responsible for fielding these phone calls and helping you filter them out. On the other hand, if there is a true medical emergency on the other end of the line, you are still going to receive a call about it.

Protect Your Personal Phone Numbers

In addition, you may be able to protect your personal phone numbers from patients who might otherwise abuse it. For example, it is going to be the job of the answering service to relay phone calls to the person who was on call. You will communicate the call schedule to the answering service. Then, the answering service is going to relay phone calls to you or handle referrals. If you would like to alter the agreement you have with the answering service, this can certainly be customized with the phone provider. As the doctor, you are still in control over the relationship you have with the answering service.

Protect Your Health and the Health of Your Patients

Ultimately, working with an answering service for a doctors office is a good idea because you can continue to protect the health of your patients even as you protect your mental and emotional health as well. In order for you to provide the best care possible, you need to be able to go to sleep when you go home at night.

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