How Can Suboxone Treatment Help with Your Drug Addiction?

Being under the influence of some hard drugs or pain pills for a long time can create dependence, which can be hard to do without using them. These drugs are among the most addictive ones, making them difficult to stop. Hence affecting many lives and even causing death. Seeking professional medical help from these drug addictions can save lives. Lenox Medical Clinic offers Suboxone treatment in Chamblee, Georgia, that helps with your addiction and betters your life quality. It is not too late. Suboxone can help restore your life. Call their offices today or book online to get started. Continue reading to learn how you can benefit from the treatment.

What is Suboxone treatment?

Suboxone treatment is an FDA-approved medication to treat addiction from pain pills, heroin, or methadone. The treatment contains buprenorphine and naloxone, opioid blocking drugs, to help patients avoid withdrawal symptoms and reduce overdose.

The medication occurs as a pill or a film strip placed under your tongue to dissolve.

How does it work?

Usually, when you take opioids, they attach to your brain’s receptors, causing pleasure sensations. However, as the drug moves away from the receptor, the high effect disappears, causing you to have cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Suboxone treatment works by binding to the opioid receptors in the brain to reduce your craving for the drug and eliminate the withdrawal symptoms.

It also works by causing the pleasure sensations, but less effectively, which the brain takes as enough. Hence not causing cravings or dependence symptoms.

Suboxone sticks to opioid receptors of your brain, such that in case of a relapse, it hinders the high sensations expected from the drug. It also prevents deaths associated with overdose as it controls your breathing.

How do you benefit from Suboxone treatment?

It is advisable to take Suboxone as prescribed by the medical physician. Your provider should also be aware of any other medications you are taking.

Lenox Medical Clinic is an approved facility for Suboxone treatment. They offer comprehensive care and minimize the risk of an overdose. When on the treatment, regular urine drug testing is expected to avoid medication abuse. The therapy usually goes for 1-2 years, or longer depending on the individual.

Suboxone is an effective treatment for opioid addiction and has benefits such as:

  •       Provides low chances of abuse
  •       The treatment is highly successful
  •       It is readily available

While Suboxone is a solution to opioid addiction, it may present some dangers too. It can also enhance opioid addiction. Hence it is very critical for the treatment to occur under approved medical professionals and clinics.

Taking Suboxone

It is essential to take the treatment as advised by your medical provider. You may need to take a sip of water before taking the medications to ensure your mouth is moist to allow the tablets to dissolve. The prescription may vary from person to person.

In conclusion, Suboxone treatment allows you to recover from opioid addiction minimizing your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The medication is FDA approved, and the users should follow the medical prescription instructions. Lenox Medical Clinic Suboxone treatment under supervision and as regulated by FDA, to enhance effectiveness and promote your life quality.

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