Getting Endodontic Retreatment in Brooklyn: What to Expect?

People often have weird misconceptions about root canal treatments. When the pulp of a tooth (which contains blood vessels and nerves) has an infection, a root canal treatment can help preserve the tooth by removing the pulp. The procedure is fairly simple and has a high success rate. Contrary to popular belief, root canal treatment doesn’t have to hurt. In rare cases, a tooth may get reinfected, and that’s when the patient needs to seek endodontic retreatment. If you are looking for Brooklyn endodontic re-treatment, below is an overview for your help. 

Understanding the basics

As we mentioned, if a tooth becomes infected again after a root canal treatment, endodontic retreatment can help preserve the same and fix the concern and associated symptoms. In some cases, patients may have evident signs of infection soon after the root canal treatment. In contrast, in other cases, symptoms may reappear after months or even years of initial treatment. There are several reasons why root canal treatment may fail. The first and most obvious cause is faulty work. At times, dentists may not be able to find canal irregularities during the treatment, or the canal could have been too narrow or curved. If crown restoration or placement was not done in time, there could be subsequent re-infections. 

What is endodontic retreatment all about?

When you visit an endodontist or dentist for endodontic retreatment, they will do a complete oral exam to determine the exact cause of your symptoms. Once they know the underlying concerns, they will start the treatment. The reinfected tooth will be reopened again, and the procedure is done under local anesthesia. The filling inside the infected tooth (called gutta-percha) must be removed for the treatment. The infected canals will be treated again, and after the first couple of appointments, your dentist will place new gutta-percha to close the canal. You will come back after a few weeks to get a new crown. Think of this as more like repeating your root canal treatment. 

Other things to know

There are circumstances when endodontic retreatment may not be possible. In such cases, surgeries may be necessary, and if nothing can save the tooth, the dentist may recommend an extraction. Skilled and experienced dentists and endodontists will do everything possible to save your tooth. The cost of treatment depends on the nature and extent of the infection. 

You can check online for endodontic retreatment clinics in Brooklyn. Get an appointment soon after you experience symptoms.

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