Get the Best and Effective Family Planning Method for You in Naples, FL

According to medical pregnancy statistics, more than half of all pregnancies are unplanned. You might not think it will happen to you, but you might realize it when it’s too late. Of course, you might welcome an unintended pregnancy, but you are more likely to have a healthy pregnancy with effective family planning. Women’s Healthcare Physicians, OB/GYN in Naples, Florida, are specialists in family planning, offering all the services you will require, including preconception counseling, birth control, and infertility treatment. For more inquiries, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Should You Get Preconception Counseling?

Birth control is the fundamental basis of family planning. However, it is essential to consider preconception counseling. This involves an exclusive exam to assess if you are in the best possible health to support a pregnancy. This is essential because the state of your health during conception affects your baby’s health and your risks of developing complications during pregnancy.

Unhealthy lifestyle behaviors such as smoking significantly increase the risk of birth complications such as stillborn babies and premature birth as nicotine limits the amount of nicotine that reaches the baby.  Additionally, chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and being overweight can result in a low birth-weight baby or early delivery. When the provider at Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples recognizes any potential concern, you can consider dealing with it first before conceiving.

How Is Your Age-Related to Family Planning?

One of the critical discussions in family planning is the right time when you’re ready to become pregnant. A significant percentage of women decide to get pregnant later in life to face the painful reality that they cannot conceive due to age. A woman’s fertility is at the peak during their twenties, and the ability to conceive gradually decreases as they age. By 35 years, only half the women can get pregnant within a year, meaning fifty percent are infertile.  To prevent infertility, it is recommendable to go for family planning and preconception counseling early enough before you get into menopause. However, if you have been caught up, the team at Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples offers effective infertility treatment.

What Are The Available Most Effective Birth Controls For You?

There are several different types of birth control for family planning at Women’s Healthcare Physician of Naples. When you visit family planning, the doctor starts by reviewing your medical history and conducting a gynecological examination to ensure hormone-based contraceptives are safe for use. The doctor will also explain the mode of function of all the available birth control methods and their potential side effects. However, most women are mostly interested in their level of effectiveness. Abstinence is the only hundred percent effective way to prevent unintended pregnancy.

Other methods include:

  •   Male condoms- 83% effective
  •   Hormonal contraceptives, injection, ring, pellets, etc.- 91% effective
  •   Sterilization-99% effective
  •   Intrauterine devices-99% effective
  •   Diaphragm- 88% effective

In conclusion, proper birth control is vital for a healthy and planned pregnancy, especially with the current rise of the economy. For individualized and effective family planning guidance in and around Naples, Florida, call or book an appointment online with the Women’s Healthcare Physician of Naples today. 

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