Finding Work-Life Balance as a Rookie Physician

Of all the careers known to be stressful and frustrating, perhaps a career as a physician would be at the top of the list when it comes to stress. Considering that so many physicians have to deal with life and death situations at any given moment, it is no wonder why so many succumb to stress and anxiety. The idea that a single mistake can cause so much trouble is often enough for some physicians to quit.

However, it would be a shame to crumble under the pressure when there are so many ways to help alleviate the stress and allow you to realize your full potential. Much of the issue comes from a lack of balance between work and everyday life. To help ensure that you make the most out of your opportunities, here are a few ways to find a proper work-life balance as a rookie physician.

Consider all directions of your career

Rookie physicians are at the precipice of something massive, not just in their careers but their lives. It takes many years to become a physician and many more to become a career physician. Are you prepared for the responsibilities that lie ahead? Are you aware of the alternatives?

One of the most crucial alternatives is known as locum tenens. It’s similar to a typical career in medicine, except that you have a choice of different healthcare institutions to go on assignment from the physician recruiter firm. You might stay in one institution for a few months before being sent on another assignment. It can be tricky, but in a lot of ways, it can be considered easier than the usual career, especially in terms of paperwork and schedule.

Force yourself to do the things you like

It seems like a weird notion, but not everyone is ready to do what they like after a hard day at work, especially if that work involves being a physician. Forcing yourself to do things that you find fun is crucial as it helps you feel like you’re gaining control of your life. It can be so hard to feel that way for a career as all-encompassing as being a physician.

Keep in touch with your loved ones

It seems like a cliche and straightforward tip that everyone knows, but not everyone can handle a challenging career as a physician and still remember to get in touch with the people they love afterward. Most people get so absorbed into what they are doing as a career that everything and everyone else take a backseat. It’s understandable, but it’s something that will only hurt you as time goes on.

You’ll go on to feel like you are alone in your endeavors, when nothing could be farther from the truth. Even worse, you’ll end up feeling like you don’t need anyone. Trying to strike a proper balance means ensuring that you take the time to get in touch with the people you love, as well as looking into potential career-altering alternatives. While it might take plenty of time to get used to the routine, with enough discipline, anything is possible.


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