Facial and Neck Procedures to Help You Relive Younger Days

Turn back the clock with a neck and facial procedure. You will benefit from a smoother and more appealing look. Aging takes a toll on your body; alongside the face, the neck also becomes affected. However, you will notice more wrinkles and frown lines on your face. Dr. Michael R. Macdonald, a San Francisco facial plastic surgeon, offers you an opportunity to turn back aging. One thing to appreciate is the new treatments that go into neck lifts; they offer little pain but better results.

Issues that face-lifts can help eliminate

Facelifts help address issues in the lower side portion of your face. Your doctor will focus more on the jawline, cheeks, and jowls that give the face its aesthetics. You can also benefit from rejuvenated cheeks by restoring sagging and the volume lost using facelifts. Your doctor will make incisions to start the procedure in the area behind the ears and just below the hairline.

The incisions’ major objective is to access muscles and tissues that help move and make several expressions with your face. After reaching the important face muscles, your doctor will reposition them to eliminate the skin that causes sagging.

The procedure guarantees a glowing face with fewer frown lines and excess skin. Facelifts are time-consuming procedures and can take about four hours; consult your doctor and schedule the perfect time to have the procedure. Additionally, your doctor can recommend a liposuction procedure that will remove excess fat beneath your skin for slimmer and better appearances.

How can neck lifts benefit a person?

A neck lift helps address horizontal folds on the skin. Additionally, they can also work to remove saggy tissues and any vertical bandings. The neck forms the lower side of the face, and it accompanies a facelift for a completely redefined look. The procedure targets the jowls that make up the lower parts of the neck.

Your doctor will begin with an incision in each ear and proceed in accessing additional muscles. Consequently, your doctor accesses the submental layer of the skin that comprises fat. The procedure repositions various muscles using sutures for creating a firmer profile then removing the fatty layer beneath. Your doctor will complete the procedure by shutting the incisions and giving you instructions that promote healing.

Can you have both a neck and face-lift?

Neck and facelift procedures help you regain your youthful skin. Before starting the procedure, your doctor will advise on the best treatment route to follow. Frown lines and wrinkles appear on both the neck and the face and treating both of them at once makes you more appealing. Aesthetic Surgery Center has procedures that can eliminate sagging and frown lines on the face and neck. However, the procedure will require about five hours.

Rediscover the beauty and your youthful days with a facelift procedure from the Aesthetic Surgery Center. Your doctor at the facility will provide customized solutions to your neck and face issues. Reach the facility by making online appointments or a phone call to receive a face or neck lift.

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