Erogenous zones in men to experiment with

Sex involves so much more than genitals. There are lots of erogenous zones (Sensitive) that can simply excite your partner before anything. While foreplay involves many experiments, you can try hitting these spots to elevate the bed game.

This guide speaks about the best male hot spots that you can include in your first-time sex tips.

  • Scalp

Running your fingers across his scalp is a simple move, yet sensual. It sends direct shivers to his entire body and is an instant relaxer. This can warm up his body and send signals to intensify the moment with some spiced-up intimacy.

  • Inner Thigh

This spot is a sensual part for both men and women. Massaging, tracing your nails, or moving your fingers around his inner thighs can make him feel charged.

  • Lower Back

Sex is definitely a great way to distress yourself. Therefore you can try massaging his lower back. This spot holds tons of strain and tension that he goes through the entire day. While you knead the muscles of your partner’s lower back, you can tease his perineum and butt cheeks. This will immediately set his mood and leave him in surprise!

  • Back of the Neck

Playing with this area straight away sends erotic signals to his brain. As it is packed with nerve endings, you can massage it, kiss it and breathe hot air down his neck. Many guys prefer a little scratching. You can try that in such cases. Additionally, you can tease the nape of his neck. These activities can effortlessly elevate your foreplay!

  • Ears

Besides whispering in his ears about what you actually want to do to him, you can even caress, kiss, and nibble on his earlobes. Do not skip the skin behind the ears. This can tickle him to an extent, but it is sexy!

  • Pubic Hairline

The area surrounding the public bone is a big erogenous zone for both men and women. While he is laying down, you can start touching him straight from his belly button to downwards. Also, do not forget the spot around the waist bones. This zone is often skipped but those can just pleasure him equally.

  • Lips

Most of the men get turned on with the thought of kissing. Lips are one of the most sensitive membranes of one’s body. Try biting or stroking his lips with your tongue. Additionally, rub them with your fingers and see him already excited and aroused.

  • Nipples

Well, this does not need much explanation. We all are aware of this most sensitive spot. You can gently trace the area around it and kiss them softly. For making him feel ultra-sensitive, you can even squeeze his nipples gently immediately as he orgasms to make that climax more effective!


While there are many other erogenous zones for men, including their thumb, belly button, hands, and feet, the penis ranks the list. However, apart from them, these are the most effective zones that you can experiment with right away!

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