COVID-19 Testing: When Should You Get Tested for COVID?

COVID-19 testing has come a long way since the start of the pandemic. Experts have understood the virus enough to identify its presence with a test. Because of the many kinds of testing options available, a lot of people have been wondering whether these tests are accurate and essential. 

Covid-19 testing in West New York comes with little risk. However, getting tested early can result in a negative test since your body may not have enough of the virus. If you wish to protect yourself and your loved ones from the deadly virus, ensure you know when you must get tested for COVID-19.

Kinds of COVID-19 Tests Available

COVID testing is categorized into the following:

  • Diagnostic testing- This can be done through either molecular testing or antigen testing.  With molecular testing, a healthcare provider will swab mucus from inside your nose. Sometimes, this can be done at the back of your throat. This is the most accurate way to test for the coronavirus. But, results can take a while since the swab is sent off to a laboratory. Meanwhile, antigen testing or rapid testing follows the same procedure but the swab is not sent off to a laboratory.
  • Antibody testing- This is a form of blood test meant to find COVID antibodies in your bloodstream. But, this is not recommended for making a diagnosis since it cannot tell whether you still have the virus or not. 

The Right Time to Get Tested

 The appropriate time to get tested for COVID depends on your situation and symptoms. Also, it depends on whether you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to a person with the coronavirus. 

If you have COVID symptoms after being exposed to somebody with the virus, you should get tested. If you experience symptoms but do not know that you have been exposed to someone with COVID, talk to your doctor about your symptoms to know if you need a test. Also, if you have been exposed to COVID-positive individuals, you should treat the situation as if you are positive too. This means not going in public for up to fourteen days. However, if you haven’t been exposed, you should get a test just to get one. Consider saving the testing for those who have been exposed or show symptoms of the virus. 

Moreover, if you need in-patient surgery in a hospital, you will be required to get tested for COVID. This is necessary to keep you and others safe. 

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