Concussion Treatment

How Do You Get a Concussion?

A concussion is caused by an injury to the head. It can lead to a loss of consciousness for a few minutes, it also causes confusion and disorientation that can last for hours or for days depending on how severe was the blow to the head. Memory loss is a common symptom of a concussion that could last for a few hours, days or a month or more. Athletes are prone to getting a concussion, because a trauma to the head in sports in common. A concussion can be dangerous if the trauma to the head is severe, getting it checked by a doctor will determine the treatment options. Children are more susceptible to getting a concussion because they usually love playing outside.

Common Signs of Concussion

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of a concussion includes memory loss, confusion, dizziness and nausea. Some other symptoms can include vomiting and disorientation. A brief of concussions symptoms is as follows:

Temporary loss of consciousness

A concussion causes a loss of consciousness for a few seconds, and in some cases, the loss of consciousness can last for a few minutes.  Hence, it is necessary for you to consider immediate treatment when unconsciousness lasts for more than a few minutes.


Patients with concussion are very confused and they are unable to answer questions about their accident, their whereabouts, the time and day. The doctor will ask questions like “Where are you?”, “What day is today?”, “Do you know why you are in the hospital?” Confusion can last for several hours, and in some cases, the confusion can last for weeks.

Memory loss

Memory loss is another major sign of a concussion. The patient might be unable to recall their name, address and any other information. Some people might get retrograde amnesia after a concussion that needs treatment.

The symptoms explained above are some of the most common signs of concussion, however, there are other signs of concussion as well like vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue and dizziness.

Treatment of Concussion

Before treatment for the concussion is started the doctor will need to determine the extent of the damage to the brain. For this purpose, CT scans, and other tests might be conducted. The CT scans will help the doctor identify serious damage to the skull and to locate any internal bleeding or clogged veins. If there is no serious damage the doctor will recommend rest and some paracetamol for pain relief.

Refrain from Physical Activity

If you or your loved one has suffered a concussion without any serious damage, the treatment will include plenty of rest and avoid physical excursions like working out and exercising. This allows the brain to limit its activities and give it time to reduce inflammation in the brain.

Avoid Using your Phone

Another concussion treatment that a doctor recommends is to avoid using cellphones, computer, and watching television for long hours. Refrain from using any electronic devices when you are suffering from a concussion because they put stress on your brain.

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