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Best time and positions for sex

Believe it or not, the effectiveness of sex depends on two things- position and time. These are the two things that most people avoid talking about because of age-old prejudices and other beliefs. However, after conjuring the predicaments of several psychological studies of couples’ sex lives, it is clear that …

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Effects and Causes of Elbow Injuries

The elbow is usually a joint that joins the upper and the lower arm. The elbow acts as the turning point of the whole arm. Sometimes your arm can incur injuries from different sources.  An injured elbow is capable of denying you comfort due to pain, tingling, and weakness when …

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Style is one thing and comfort is other. But there is one thing that you will agree upon with me is that, until you achieve something, you will be considered worth of listening to the reasons that you attempt to explain. Suppose, you are at a lower position at your …

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