Can Moles lead to Health Threats?

Skin is one of the most sensitive organs in your body. Because of this characteristic, you need to protect it from infections. When the skin becomes infected, it can develop some growth called moles. The mole appears as small dark brown spots on your face, shoulder, chest, and back. However, people can confuse moles with acne scars. According to research, moles can disappear after some time or remain and grow bigger. Moles are harmless until they become cancerous. It is vital to seek medical attention when you notice changes in your skin. Book an appointment with Fort Worth moles specialists for skin diagnosis and treatment of the available diseases.

What is the primary cause of moles?

Moles develop when your skin grows a cluster and fails to spread as usual. Most of the moles start under your skin at the cells called melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells that are responsible for giving your skin color. Your body can suffer from 10-40 moles. Moles get dark as you expose them to sunlight. The below paragraph explains the different types of moles.

Types of moles

There are two types of moles that can affect your skin. They include:

  1.     Congenital nevi moles. Congenital nevi moles are present during birth. These types of moles are rare to occur. According to statistics, in 100 children, only one is diagnosed with moles. However, congenital nevi moles develop into cancerous cells when they increase in diameter.
  2.     Dysplastic nevi moles. These types of moles are extensive and irregular, and they appear more black than congenital moles. If your skin is brown, they can be seen pretty well. Dysplastic nevi moles are likely to develop into melanoma if they are exposed to sunlight.

It is vital to protect your skin from these moles. Most of these moles can develop into cancer if not noticed and treated earlier. However, if your skin is clean and free from moles, there are some ways you can protect yourself from them.

Ways to protect your skin from moles

They include:

  •       Avoid direct sunlight. Even if sun rays are essential for the development of skin, sunrays between 10 to 4 pm can damage your skin. It can lead to cancerous moles.
  •       Use sunscreen products. It is good to apply sunscreen lotion before going outside. This product helps to neutralize the sunray and mild their effects.  Sunscreen prevents the occurrences of moles.
  •       Face cover-ups. Suppose you do not have sunscreen, wear protective clothes that can keep your skin off the sunlight. You can wear a hat, a long-sleeved sweater, and other protective clothing. These types of clothing prevent the moles from becoming severe and dangerous.

Many people across the world suffer from moles that are cancerous without knowing. Skin education should be done during diagnoses and treatment of other diseases. Northstar Dermatology center is best in taking care of moles. Besides, they offer the best skin education that helps many individuals to live a disease-free life.   

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