Best time and positions for sex

Believe it or not, the effectiveness of sex depends on two things- position and time. These are the two things that most people avoid talking about because of age-old prejudices and other beliefs. However, after conjuring the predicaments of several psychological studies of couples’ sex lives, it is clear that the only way to add pleasure and exhilaration to the sex life is to understand the time and position.

In this article, you will know both these facts about sex, and hence, you will be able to start afresh with your partner and keep your sex life active and engaging.

Best time to have sex

To understand the perfect timing for having sex in a day, you first need to realize certain facts.

  • Usually, couples prefer having sex at night, once they retire to bed after the entire day’s work. However, if it’s late at night and you have worked all day tirelessly, you would never be able to enjoy the sex at that time. Your body will remain tired, and hence, either the sex will get sloppy or the time needed for reaching the climax will be long.
  • According to medical studies, it has been revealed that morning sex is the best thing to do. In the morning, your muscles are relaxed, and your brain is refreshed. This will give you more energy to engage in sexual activities as these require quite a huge amount of energy.

Best positions for an exciting sex

The next factor you need to consider at the time of having sex is the position. Here are some of the best sex positions you must try out with your partner.

  1. The reverse cowgirl

This particular position will give the female the reigns, and hence, the male will have to live the moment with expectations. In the reverse cowgirl position, the woman sits with her back towards the male’s face and supports herself by holding the male’s knees. This position allows the perfect simulation of the g-spot present near the cervix, and hence, it’s the best way to finish off the sex.

  1. Spooning sex

The best way to start sex is by the spooning position. Most couples prefer this position during morning sex. Here, the woman lies in the crook of the male’s body curve, where he engulfs the female body half-way. This gives him direct access to the vaginal entrance, provided the bodies are aligned correctly.

  1. Modified doggy style

The last position which will spice up your sex life is the modified doggy style. Here, the female will lie on the bed with her back raised in the air, and the entire weight supported on the knees and the elbows. Her head will touch the bed. The male will sit atop her hips and will penetrate her vaginal entrance with an angle that will help him to hit the g-spot and vaginal muscles perfectly.


If at any time of the day you both feel that urge to spend some alone time and have sex, do not ignore that urge. Just make sure your bodies are not tired, and you are getting into the right position.

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